December 9, 2022


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You Might Be Struggling With Love Because You’re Highly Intelligent

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Have you ever wondered why intelligent people tend to have more trouble finding lasting relationships than average people? Intelligence plays a big role in life. In many cases, it helps you succeed at work, and often, in turn, in life as a whole. Still, being the brightest bulb isn’t always gonna give you benefits.


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In a nutshell:

You Might Be Struggling With Love Because You`re Highly Intelligent Intelligence plays a big role in life. Have you ever wondered why intelligent people tend to have more trouble finding lasting relationships than average people? As weird as it sounds, intelligence, and a high one, at that, can put someone at a disadvantage when it comes to romantic stuff. Is it because being highly intelligent means you`re prone to overthinking? Continue watching this video to find out. In a while, we`ll be divulging other reasons why having high intelligence is making it harder for you to succeed at love.

This need to analyze and scrutinize every tiny detail can often create problems in relationships. What`s more, you conjure every possible scenario in your mind, analyzing all possible ways your relationship could go south. Because of this, you`re thinking that since the bad outweighs the good, you might as well not enter into a relationship. Guess who are the hardest people to be in a relationship with? You take time to think about major decisions in life, including choosing a partner.

Moreover, another reason you don`t easily cave in is that you consider being single a good time to reflect on your past relationship and learn about yourself and grow as a person. In your defense, it helps you not look needy and avoid rushing into relationships for the wrong reasons. Although they`re more demanding on themselves, this can also pass on to their relationships. As someone highly intelligent, you`re used to being the best at a lot of things.

This then leads us to the next point of the video. Because you`re independent, you can make decisions without considering others` feelings. Also, it`s important to note that even when you`re in a relationship, your need for freedom won`t be subdued. Thus, because you think having a love life would take away your independence, you try to stay single for a while longer.

In reality, however, being in a mature relationship should not make you feel stifled. Well, as expected from a highly intelligent person, huh? Smart people are often very focused on their careers more than their love life. 6. You don`t fall in love easily.

There`s only one possible reason–intelligent people appreciate intellect in others. The thing is when you`re too cautious, you end up spending too much time evaluating whether or not that person is perfect for you. If so, then it can be another reason you`re struggling with love. It`s why extremely intelligent people always refer to facts and figures before making assumptions.

In the end, this coldness of your heart can make it harder to find love. Highly intelligent people have this way about them that makes them unapproachable.


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