August 15, 2022


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Why You Absolutely Should Start Planking Today

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There’s a fair couple of reasons why the plank is highly praised.

And this is exactly why we’re doing this video–to open up your eyes to the reasons why you should start planking!


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🕒 Timestamps:

Intro – 0:00
1. Better Balance – 0:45
2. Improved Posture – 1:14
3. Improved Core – 1:46
4. More Flexibility – 2:17
5. Boost Metabolism – 2:47
6. Feel Relaxed – 3:12


In a nutshell:

You want to have a better balance
When planking, you’re training your body to find your center of gravity as you balance on your elbows and toes.
The core is the midline, thus, is responsible for all movement and rotation.
In fact, the majority of your stabilization comes from the core.
By strengthening your core–as in doing planking–you can train your muscles to be more stable and coordinated.

You want to improve your posture
Are you one of those people who don’t put a lot of thought into their posture?
It’s time to change that because good posture is important for several reasons.
For starters, it prevents the body from developing injuries due to improper weight distribution.
Additionally, good posture keeps your bones aligned, lowering the risks of skeletal injuries.
Planking strengthens your spine, rhomboids, trapezius, and abdominal muscles, thus, resulting in a strong posture.

You want to improve your core definition and performance
When talking about strengthening the core, planking will always come up at some point.
Simply because planks are one of the best core-strengthening exercises.
They engage all your core muscles and make them stronger so your body has the strength and stability to perform well in fitness or athletic activities.
So, the stronger your core is, the longer and better your workout sessions get, thus, the better the results.

You want more flexibility
Another reason to start doing planks is if you wish to be more flexible.
Planks make all muscle groups in the back of your body way more flexible.
These include muscles around your shoulders and collarbone and even your shoulder blades.
With regular planking, these muscles will grow and stretch.
Also, there’s a good reason why plank is an important pose in many yoga moves.
After all, yoga is primarily designed to build core strength and improve flexibility.

You want to boost your metabolism
Looking for a way to improve your metabolism?
Plank your way to a slimmer body!
Plank challenges your whole body and strengthens your muscles.
Strong muscles promote better calorie burning, even when you’re sitting or better yet, at rest or asleep.
In the end, you have a lesser risk of gaining extra weight.

You want to feel relaxed
Exercising in every way improves your mood.
That’s a universal fact.
But for planks, in particular, they help relieve stiff muscles and tension due to lack of physical activities.
By doing so, you can relax both physically and mentally.
Plus, like other forms of exercise, planking causes a release of endorphins–the feel-good chemicals.


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