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Which personality Type Are You? Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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There are a plethora of personality questionnaires and tests on the internet, however, it’s the MBTI that’s arguably the most widely used personality test worldwide. A personality test is a great way to better understand the core components that make up who you are.

So, which one are you then? What do these letters stand for?


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In a nutshell:

Which personality type are you? Are you wondering what those codes of letters mean? These and 14 more are personality types and what we call Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI for short. A personality test is a great way to better understand the core components that make up who you are. Getting to know the meaning of 8 MBTI letters The 16 MBTI Personality Types They love to introspect, meaning to observe their own mental and emotional processes. Although they`re introverted by nature, those with this personality type can form strong, valuable connections with others.

INFJs are like the walking, talking contradictions–perfectionists yet easygoing and logical yet emotional. Kind and self-sacrificing, these people are strongly interested in making the world a better place. Also creative and imaginative, they love spending their time daydreaming, creating all those scenarios and stories in their minds. Mediators are also very sensitive, hence, their profound response to people, music, art, and nature.

INTJs tend to be imaginative and strategic. As one of the most capable personality types–and also one of the rarest–these Architects are logical and quick-witted. They`re the types of people to focus more on logic and objective information instead of subjective emotions. People who scored as INTP are often described as innovative inventors.

More often than not, they spend time alone thinking about how things work and how problems should be solved. Normally, they don`t have a wide social circle but they usually have a select group of people. Is your personality not in any of those first four? The ISFJ personalities are known for being reserved, warm-hearted, and responsible. But behind their sensitive and caring characters are also individuals with a great eye for detail and outstanding analytical abilities.

Additionally, they tend to have good people skills and solid social relationships. The Artist ISFP is a person with an open mind and has a penchant for new experiences and adventures. They`re artists in the sense that they treat life as a canvas for self-expression. Rather than conventional artists, ISFPs are driven by curiosity and enthusiasm to try new things.

The Artists tend to be “doers” rather than “dreamers. ” People with ISTJ as their MBTI are reserved yet strong-willed, with a rational outlook on life. Daring and practical experimenters, the Crafters, also nicknamed the Mechanics, are masters of all tools. They love exploring the world with their hands and their eyes.

Because sensitivity and emotions aren`t their strongest suits they can sometimes come off as insensitive. Now, let`s take a look at the eight remaining personality types that are extroverted in nature. These strong extroverts dislike being alone so they often surround themselves with other people. Because of their exceptional people skills, they`re usually described as affectionate, warm, and encouraging.

Their personalities shine like the main character of a story, hence, the label “The Protagonist. ” ENFP people are enthusiastic, charming, and creative. They, too, have outstanding people skills. In fact, they have a knack for understanding the feelings of others.

Assertive and outspoken, like their moniker, the ENTJ people are driven to command.


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