August 10, 2022


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What You Should Be Eating Before and After Every Workout

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Getting your nutrition plan right helps you optimize each training session. What you put in your mouth before a workout determines how well-fueled your body is for the exercise. No, this isn’t about pre-workout supplements.


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In a nutshell:

What you put in your mouth before a workout determines how well-fueled your body is for the exercise. A classic example is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a killer energy booster. Proper refueling after exercise provides your body with the right and sufficient nutrients necessary to recover from exertion and ultimately, get bigger and stronger. Ideally, you should fuel your body around 1-4 hours before a workout, depending on how your body handles food.

Here are some suggestions for pre-workout nutrition: 1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich A peanut butter jelly sandwich pre-workout gives you the energy your muscles need during exercise. The peanut butter contains a dose of protein, helping you feel full, all the while fending off post-workout binges. If you work out in the morning, then you`d never go wrong with a bowl of oats mixed with milk and fruit.

It`s high in fiber, so the body digests it more slowly, which helps stabilize your blood sugar. Smoothies are many people`s go-to pre-workout nutrition since they`re easy to digest and quick to consume. They also prevent you from feeling sluggish during your workout. But since lots of store-bought versions are high in added sugar, it`s better to make your own fruit smoothies.

Fruits have simple sugars that are easy to digest. They`re also an ideal source of energy for high-intensity workouts. A good combo of ingredients is oats, peanut butter, banana, flax seeds, and almond milk. It`s even better if you pair it with peanut butter.

4. Banana with peanut butter and honey Bananas are packed with easy-to-digest carbs to power you up. This is why a homemade granola bar is a perfect pre-workout snack. When making your own protein bars, stick to wheat varieties, wholesome carbs, seeds, and some dried fruits.

Do you know what other fruit is good for quick fuel before you exercise? Like bananas, apples are an excellent source of simple carbs, which are easily digested by the body. Moreover, apples contain fiber that helps keep you satiated throughout your workout regimen. Carbohydrates are the ultimate energy source for the muscles. Thus, it helps a lot to fuel your body a couple of hours before your workout.

Whole-grain crackers with nonfat milk might not seem much but are actually hearty enough to keep you full while digesting easily. It`ll provide you with 33 grams of carbs for sustained energy and with less than 5 grams of fat only. After subjecting your muscles to grueling training, it`s only natural and right to supply your body with proper nutrition. The body uses energy in the muscles to power through a workout.

Try to eat within an hour of finishing an intense workout. The toast`s carbs refuel the energy stores burned during exercise, while its fiber balances your blood sugar levels. Pick whole-grain sandwiches since they`re filled with high-fiber carbs.


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