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What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

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Staying away from sugar is quite a challenge, even for the most strong-willed people. Well, we cannot blame anyone really, especially when sugar is found in lots of foods. Moderation is the key when it comes to sugar intake.


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But have you ever wondered what happens to your body if you quit sugar altogether?
We’re talking about processed sugars here, which are different from natural sugars found in fruit, honey, and unsweetened milk.
The former is high in calories with no real nutritional value while the latter contains vitamins and minerals.
Glowing skin and a happier and lighter you.
Those are just two of the many great things about going sugarless.
You’re interested now, aren’t you? Finish watching this video to learn more about this.

1. You drop extra pounds.
High insulin levels won’t just add pounds to your stomach but also put fat cells over your body turning it into calorie-storage overdrive.
Insulin is like the ultimate booster of your body’s fat cells.
Also, eating refined sugar can confuse the body thinking that you’re full, causing you to eat too many calories.
But when you replace refined carbs and sugary foods with healthy fats, it keeps your hormones and insulin stable, so fewer calories are stored.
It’ll be like sending a signal to your brain that you’ve eaten enough.
Ultimately, your hunger pangs decrease, your metabolism speeds up, and you can lose weight without trying so hard.

2. Your waistline is smaller.
We all know that drinking sugary drinks every day will pack on pounds on your body, specifically in the midsection.
Belly fat is common among men and women alike, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s okay to not do anything about it.
Unfortunately, some aren’t aware of the potential risks associated with abdominal fat.
Sugary foods increase blood sugar, activating a flood of insulin in the body, which over time promotes fat to gather around the stomach.
Called visceral fat, these fat cells accumulated in the abdomen are the riskiest kind.
So, when you stop eating sugar, you’ll start reducing belly fat, not to mention the health risks that come with it.

3. Your skin becomes radiant.
Certain types of foods can trigger acne, and processed sugars are among them.
Diets high in refined sugar can send your insulin levels to an overdrive, thus, setting off inflammation in the skin.
Furthermore, the elastin and collagen in your skin get damaged, which are two main proteins that give the skin its youthful and supple appearance.
By giving up sugar, you can reduce glucose and insulin spikes, thus, reducing chronic and acute inflammation linked to aging.
And yes, numerous studies confirm that reduced sugar intake can minimize sagging and other visible signs of aging.
Within just 14 days of avoiding sugar, you’ll surely see your skin glowing from within.

Your oral health is better.
Growing up, we’ve been told countless times to eat less sugar if we don’t want our teeth to rot.
Unfortunately, this is true. Sugar has long been linked to cavities and tooth decay.
It plays a major role in triggering cavities as it interacts with the bacteria in the mouth to create the acid that causes decay.
If you stop eating sugar, naturally, your teeth and mouth will love you for it.
Your breath also improves as sugar feeds the bacteria that cause bad breath.
These effects will be immediate, and will only get better in time, so you may want to carefully consider going without sugar.


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