November 29, 2022


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What Happens To Your Body After 30 Days Of Cold Showers

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Cold showers have been proven to have amazing health and well-being benefits. These include improving metabolism and circulation.

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t miss out on this video to know how 30 days of cold showers can have such huge effects on the body.


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In a nutshell:

Reduces stress
Regular cold showers impose a small amount of stress on the body, resulting in a process called hardening.
Later on, your nervous system gets better at handling moderate levels of stress.
As you start adapting to this new setting, the antioxidant glutathione increases, which can help reduce stress.

Improves circulation
It may be uncomfortable immersing in cold water, however, it can also be an invigorating experience.
This is mostly because the cold temperature causes the body to work a bit harder to maintain its core temperature.
Therefore, when you take cold showers every day, it can boost the efficiency of your circulatory system.
Some even reported that cold showers made their skin better due to good circulation.

Helps combat common illnesses
One of the impressive things about the human body is that it’s designed to become resistant to elements that it’s exposed to.
For instance, leukocytes help fight infection, and the shock of cold water in the bloodstream stimulates these cells.
In other words, just taking cold showers can improve your body’s resistance to common illnesses including colds and the flu.

Increases metabolism
White fat is associated with obesity and heart disease.
The thing is, we are all born with brown fat, which plays an important role in adult health.
Furthermore, brown fat is a type of fat tissue that produces energy by burning calories.
According to research, taking cold showers for a month straight can boost your metabolic rate and the production of brown fat.

Ensures a higher level of alertness
Splashing cold water on our faces is a common way of coming to our senses.
But when you jump into a cold shower, you’re waking your body and mind, inducing a higher state of alertness.
The cold also compels you to take deeper breaths, decreasing the level of C02 in the body, and ultimately, helping you focus.
In short, cold showers are a great way to keep yourself focused and ready for the rest of the day.

Burns body fat
Who would have thought that having that refreshing cold shower can burn small amounts of body fat too?
Cold showers can trigger the burning of small amounts of body fat. Not only will you leave the shower feeling clean and fresh, but you also feel great for burning a few of those calories.

Enhances mood
For mornings that do not start as good as you hoped it to be, taking a cold shower to improve your mood can be effective.
Having a sustained feeling of conquering something uncomfortable at first can give you the impression that getting things done becomes easier.
Kicking your day off with a cold shower can give you a mood that can positively affect how you navigate the rest of the day.

Makes you a happier person
Based on a report, taking even a short 30- to 60-second cold shower can help and maximize your sleep better. Doing so regularly can also help in decreasing the number of sick days, make you become more productive, and can help uplift your self-esteem.
Can give lower cortisol levels
Referred as the “fight-or-flight” hormone that responds to stress, having lower cortisol levels is found to alleviate your stress levels.
When people are being exposed to water at lower temperatures, studies found that their cortisol levels also drop, making you more relaxed and at ease.

Good for your skin
Taking a cold shower can give your hair and skin a refreshed and healthy glow since it constricts blood vessels, temporarily reducing redness.
While hot showers can actually trigger acne breakouts and worsen pre existing skin conditions, cold showers, on the other hand, are great for your pores.


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