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What Happens to Your Body After 100 Pushups a Day For 30 Days

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What Happens to Your Body After 100 Pushups a Day For 30 Days? Pushups are one of the most effective exercises for increasing strength and building upper body muscles. Some take the challenge to the extreme, say, doing 100 pushups a day for a month to get remarkable results.


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In a nutshell:

For instance, on week 1, there would definitely be intense muscle soreness and by week 4, there would be some body differences already. During the first few days or even the entire week, it`s normal to not reach a complete 100 reps.

Another notable effect would be DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness a day or two after exercise. Week 1 would give you the highest amount of soreness in the shoulders, arms, and chest. If you`re doing 100 pushups a day in a row, your muscles don`t have enough time to fully recover. So for better results, take a rest in between days.

When week 4 comes, your body is already beaten up from the high-frequency and high-volume pushups. The Results of 100 Pushups a Day For 30 Days One of the great things about the pushup is that it isn`t just a strength exercise but is also an amazing cardio movement. And of course, you`ll be feeling stronger after a month of doing 100 pushups daily. Over time, you will feel your strength increasing, too.

Some days might make you feel like you want to quit but if you can persevere, then you`re in for some good things. Are 100 pushups daily too much for you? Consider doing just 50 pushups then but try to make it past 30 days for greater results. Click here to find out what happens when you do 50 pushups daily.


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