August 15, 2022


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What 5 Minutes of Jump Rope Does to Your Body

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Jumping rope is one of the most underrated types of exercise, despite how it can be much more effective than other forms of cardio.

In fact, even just sparing 5 minutes for jump rope can already greatly impact your body. Watch to the end to know all the facts!


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🕒 Timestamps:

Intro – 0:00
1. Burns Calories – 0:52
2. Enhances Bone Density – 1:20
3. Improved Brain Health – 1:51
4. Better Agility – 2:21
5. Better Breathing Efficiency – 2:51


In a nutshell:

Burns calories
When you’re skipping rope, several major muscles are being used simultaneously.
Because of this, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout in just a few minutes.
And since it’s an aerobic exercise, its calorie-burning ability is a given.
So, if you want a fun way of losing weight, then look no further than a jump rope.
It’s also as effective as crunches when building a six-pack.

Enhances bone density
Having problems with weak bones? Try skipping rope then.
It can make your bones stronger by increasing bone density.
Jumping rope is a form of impact training, which works to aggressively stress the bones.
The body then responds to this by making the bones stronger and denser.
The more minerals your bones have, the less they are likely to break.
A higher bone density can also lower the risk of getting osteoporosis later, particularly for girls and women.

Improved brain health
Did you know that jump rope is a good brain workout?
Besides improving our physique, it helps our brains as well.
This exercise requires both physical and mental demands, meaning, it has higher impacts on cognitive functioning than exercise tasks alone such as running on a treadmill.
Jump rope enhances the development of the brain’s left and right hemispheres, thus, improving your reading skills and memory.

Better agility
Ever wondered how it feels like to be lighter on your feet?
You can achieve this by skipping rope every morning for 5 minutes.
When you jump, the body connects with the mind to keep you balanced.
In essence, it improves your balance and coordination by making your mind focus on your feet for sustained periods, even if you’re unconsciously doing it.
After all, there has to be a huge reason why jumping rope is a favorite exercise by boxers.

Better breathing efficiency
Most people don’t know this.
Jumping rope every morning can boost how efficiently you breathe.
It might not seem much, but it actually is.
For instance, if you’re usually out of breath after just using the stairs or swimming a few laps, then improving your breathing efficiency is something you should not overlook.


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