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What 2 Weeks of Cold Showers Did To My Body

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Is anyone here fond of cold showers? Did you know that some people have taken up the habit of having a cold shower in the morning? That’s right–cold showers. The ones lots of us dread taking, especially in the morning right after waking up.


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In a nutshell:

What 2 Weeks of Cold Showers Did To My Body Did you know that some people have taken up the habit of having a cold shower in the morning? And while it is indeed quite a discomforting way of starting the day, the benefits it does to the body greatly outweigh the unpleasant feeling. Keep watching to know more about this and many other benefits of taking cold showers. It`s a holistic method for treating depression that involves taking a cold shower for 5 minutes, twice to thrice a week. This also explains why taking a cold shower somehow just makes a person feel better.

For now, you can consider taking a cold shower the next time you feel down. A cold shower is, without a doubt, a highly effective way of waking the body up. It does this by making you feel more alert, mainly due to its effects on the body. According to research, cold showers affect the body physiologically in many ways.

And because the cold compels you to take deeper breaths, it then decreases the level of C02 throughout your body, allowing you to concentrate better. Coming up next is how taking cold showers strengthens your immune system. It might sound ironic, but taking cold showers can actually help you avoid catching a cold. To be specific, cold showers have been found to increase the number of white blood cells in the body.

These blood cells are responsible for protecting the body against diseases. In another study, it was revealed that cold showers can reduce the severity of a person`s illness, allowing them to proceed with their daily activities. Be it 30, 60, or 90 seconds, it won`t matter because either way, cold water will trigger the immune system. When the body is blasted with cold water, the first reaction is to try to get away from it.

Simultaneously, it constricts circulation near the skin, which then stimulates blood flow. There`s limited scientific research on the effect of cold water on the skin and hair. According to experts, cold water tightens and constricts the blood flow, giving the skin a healthy glow. Meanwhile, cold water works to close and strengthen the hair cuticles.

In addition, cold water doesn`t cause the sebum in the hair to dry out. Two weeks of taking cold showers should give you results. Conditions like obesity and heart disease are highly associated with white fat. Brown fat is activated when the body is exposed to cold temperatures, say, cold showers.

Of course, overweight and obese people can`t just lose weight by just taking cold showers. That said, taking a cold shower twice or thrice per week can indeed contribute to a faster metabolism. But since cold showers typically last for only 5-10 minutes, they`re nowhere near as good as other weight loss techniques. Getting up in the morning and taking a cold shower, even if you have to drag your feet to the bathroom, allows you to be in control of your schedule.


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