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Walking For Weight Loss – Here’s What To Do

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Walking is a low-impact exercise, making it suitable for everyone. When done daily, it’s also a great way to enhance fitness and burn calories.


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In a nutshell:

Walking For Weight Loss – Here`s What To Do When done daily, it`s also a great way to enhance fitness and burn calories. But while walking doesn`t go as hard as other exercises commonly used for losing weight, there are things you can do with it to increase your calorie burn and weight loss. Wearing the right gear, for instance, goes a long way, as it can boost your stride, and ultimately, allow you to comfortably walk longer. And did you know that swinging your arms as you walk burns more calories? Break your records by continuously increasing your daily step count.

So, before you head out, make sure to look at the weather forecast to know when would be the best time to schedule your walk. Walking is a `gentle` exercise but you shouldn`t use flip-flops while doing it. Another good walking tip to follow is to dress in layers, which is especially useful as your body warms up throughout the walk. Before you start walking, you must first stretch your body, especially your legs.

Stretching before (and after) an exercise, including the gentler ones like walking, is essential in preventing injury. You can do this by simply pulling each leg outward and holding the stretch for around 10 seconds. For weight loss, the number of steps achieved on a typical day is important. Ideally, set a goal of 2,000 more steps per day than that average number.

As you`re able to get more steps consistently, keep on increasing your target goal by another 2,000 steps daily. To do that, walk at a consistently brisk pace for no less than 30 minutes. When your body recognizes that you`re keeping a consistent pace for a prolonged period, it`ll get energy from your fat stores, instead of getting from muscle glycogen. Besides brisk walking, you can also use other types of walking paces like stroll.

An effective way to burn more calories and keep your walk from getting tedious is to use intervals. When it comes to walking, there are 3 types of paces you can do. And lastly, power walk, like you`re on a mission. Finally, push to a power walk every 5 minutes to accelerate your heart rate.

However, certain posture and form cues can enhance your walk, and ultimately, your weight loss results. You see, arm pumping doesn`t just help you drive forward but it also serves as a good upper body workout. If you apply arm swinging the entire walk, it can result in 5-10% more calorie burn. You know what`s the easiest way to intensify a simple walk? Incorporating bursts of intensity into your walking can build your fitness and speed up your heart rate, in addition to other several benefits.

Even better if you use interval training, say brisk walking up a short hill then slowing down your pace and taking shorter taps when descending the hills. If there are no hills near you, make use of stairs. Use hand weights. Did you know that you can also have strength training by just walking?


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