December 3, 2022


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TRIPLE Your Push-Ups With This Method

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Push-ups are an excellent cornerstone of every exercise routine. One major fitness goal that you can achieve with regular push-ups is increased muscle strength.


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In a nutshell:

A push-up alongside its many different variations can go a long way in building not just upper body strength but also muscle and definition. So, the question now is–what do you need to do to be able to perform more push-ups? Step 1: Understand the basics of push-ups first.

Before starting a push-up training workout, it`s better to equip yourself with the knowledge of the basic principles of fitness training. Additionally, how a person responds to exercise must also be considered, which is based on factors like body shape and size, genetics, sex, chronic conditions, and injuries. For your heart and muscles to get stronger, your workout load must be increased gradually compared to what you`re used to. You`ll also need to make your workouts harder and to do that, you must add new challenges.

To increase the level of fitness for push-ups, consider challenging yourself with holding a plank position for one whole or doing intense variations like spider push-ups. One example of change is the increased workload and challenges the body is presented with. If you experience pain or a pinching sensation in your upper body, shoulders, or wrists, do modified push-ups instead by lowering to your knees. If you don`t stay consistent with your workout schedule, it can lead to deconditioning and muscle atrophy.

Therefore, if you want to do more push-ups, you have to always add push-ups into your workout routines. You must also cross-train other muscles in the body and engage in lighter activities such as stretching, walking, or yoga. Step 2: Maintain a good push-up form. Most of the load would be felt in the upper body, focusing primarily on the shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps.

A quick tip: If you`re still increasing your strength for standard push-ups, you can do an easier version by lowering to your knees, using an incline, or standing up and facing a well. To do a push-up while maintaining good form, follow these steps: 5. As you exhale, contract your chest muscles and push back up through your hands to return to your first position. Having a routine and sticking with it is also crucial if you want to increase your push-up reps.

Step 3: Establish a push-up routine. To effectively build up strength for your push-ups and stick to your workout, you must create a routine and include it in your weekly workout regimen. For example, start your cardio training workout with a few sets of push-ups. In 2 minutes, perform as many push-ups as you can.

This is your baseline repetition count or the number of reps you should do in each set. In general, each workout includes 3 sets of your baseline repetition. Do your basic workout with 3 sets of push-ups and a 30-second rest between sets.


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