September 29, 2022


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Transform Your Body in 1 Month With This Home Workout

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Can’t bring yourself to splurge on a gym membership or expensive equipment? Don’t worry, you can still transform your body by using a variety of challenging home exercises.


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In a nutshell:

For instance, you can work your upper body with push-ups then lunges for your legs. Some exercises included in this workout plan may be foreign to you such as the superman hold, so keep a close eye. Day 1 (Mondays) – legs, shoulders, and abs exercises 1. Lunges – 2 sets, 5 reps each leg It`s a straightforward exercise, yet it works many muscles of the lower body, especially the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

More importantly, it`s a great exercise for building stronger muscles. 2. Reverse lunges – 2 sets, 5 reps each leg Maximize your leg day with reverse lunges. This exercise engages the major muscle groups in your lower half, including the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

The reverse lunge places less stress on the joints and allows for a bit more stability in the front legs. 3. Wall sits – 1 set, 30-60 seconds Much like squats and planks, the wall sit can switch on the fat-burning gears of your body. 4.

Wall walk-ups – 3 sets, 5 reps Then you`ve got a perfect environment for wall walk-ups already. Working multiple groups at once, this exercise doesn`t only help improve strength but also improve build balance and stability. As a full-body exercise, it burns a high number of calories in just a short period. Like wall walk-ups, the next exercise also starts with a push-up position, but with an emphasis on the shoulders.

5. Shoulder taps – 4 sets, 10 reps Another great core exercise is the Russian Twist, which works the abdominal muscles, especially the transverse abdominis and the internal and external obliques. 7. Reverse crunches – 3 sets, 8 reps This exercise hits all exterior abs muscles you need to work to get a well-defined six-pack.

For days 2 and 4, allow your muscles a short break. For the 3rd day of each week, you will be sculpting other muscle groups. Day 3 (Wednesdays) – chest and back exercises Pull-ups using a doorframe or bar – 4 sets, 5 reps Wide grip push-ups – 3 sets, 8 reps This highly effective exercise builds your upper body strength by working several muscle groups throughout your upper body. Diamond push-ups – 3 sets, 5 reps Diamond push-ups both work the upper and lower body.

Superman hold – 3 sets, 45 seconds Its target muscles are the glutes, hamstrings, abs, and lower back muscles. Lying lat pulldowns with a towel – 3 sets, 10 reps


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