June 29, 2022


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Top Gun: Maverick’s Jay Ellis Shares How He Got In Peak Physical Shape | Train Like | Men’s Health

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In this episode of Train Like, Insecure’s Jay Ellis shares how he got his body in the right shape for his new movie Top Gun: Maverick. Coming from playing a character who really doesn’t workout to being cast as a fight pilot, Ellis had to train hard to get in Top Gun shape. Watch as Ellis walks us through the intense training routine that transformed his physique. Watch more Men’s Health Train Like videos HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36uYxxuEx-Q&list=PLoA8R7df04hQ8qbEAGtMMLx-By3aDBHlt

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00:00 Intro
01:36 The Workout

Jay Ellis’ Top Gun: Maverick Superset Workout

1A. Half-Full Leg Press – 3×10-12

2A. Weighted Pullup – 3×10-12
2B. Arnold Press – 3×10-12

3A. Bulgarian Split Squat – 3×10-12 per side
3B. Bird Dog Row – 3×10-12 per side
3C. Hollow Body Floor Press – 3×10-12

4A. Single-Leg Deadlift to Knee Drive – 3×10-12 per side
4B. Dumbbell Pullover – 3×10-12
4C. Single-Leg Lateral Raise – 3×10-12

5A. Triceps Pressdown – 3×10-12
5B. Dumbbell Biceps Curl – 3×10-12
5C. Body Saw – 3×10-12

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