June 29, 2022


Its all about the Health

This is what happens to your body when you cycle just 5 minutes a day

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Sparing five minutes of your time per day just to cycle can help you minimize weight dine, especially for men and women who are heading towards middle age.

Any exercise is better than nothing at all.

Cycling is a good way to exercise all the while enjoying other health benefits apart from the physical perks.

Wondering what can a few minutes of cycling per day do to your video?

Watch until the end and you’ll be amazed how cycling can make you healthier and happier.

1. Faster recovery

Based on a recent study conducted on elderly patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis, their conditions have improved once they’ve included cycling into their routines.

This only shows that as a person grows older, taking time to exercise, even if it’s just five minutes a day, can greatly benefit our health.

2. Higher self-esteem
Exercise, particularly cycling, helps improve a person’s self-esteem.

That’s a known fact by nearly all people.

So, the next time you snap a mid-ride picture of yourself, your body will produce lots of feel-good hormones.

And the result? You’ll be feeling so good throughout the day.

3. Improved heart health
Cycling is good for our heart health.

A recent study performed for five years has shown that among the 1,500 subjects, those who were active daily had 30% fewer chances of experiencing high blood pressure.

Also, following a hard workout can reduce high blood pressure as effectively as prescription meds can.

So apart from taking your meds, why not consider doing a 5-minute or so cycling every day?

Want to see how cycling can slow down the ageing process? Keep watching to find out!

4. Less fat
Needless to say, weight loss is one of the common benefits of regular cycling.

If you ask the media, they’d be quick to say that diet is the only way to lose fat.

However, science is here to prove otherwise.

According to recent studies, older, diabetic women could only reduce their visceral fat if diet is supplemented with daily exercise.

Furthermore, a study found out that aerobic exercise like cycling helps obese and overweight people drop harmful fats.

5. Less stress
Exercise helps reduce stress–everybody knows this.

A recent study, however, confirmed that cycling, in particular, is one of the top stress-reducing activities.

Simply enjoying a ride alone or with your friends can help you boost your mental health, leading to more good days ahead of you.

6. A longer life
According to a study of a group of riders, cycling increases a rider’s longevity.

On average, veteran cyclists were able to live 81 years as opposed to the general population’s life span of 73 years.

7. Slowed aging
Want to experience more intense benefits of cycling?

Go for high-level cycling, instead.

Cycling activities with high-intensity intervals were found to provide major anti-aging benefits down to the cellular level.

Moreover, it was also found out that people who perform high-intensity cycling and other exercises had a boost in mitochondrial capacity.

A decline in mitochondria can result in a physical decline as well.

Simply put, the better your mitochondria can perform, the more energized you will be–and again, this is to the extent of the cellular level.

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