July 7, 2022


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This is How Your Body Transforms When You Plank For 7, 14 and 30 Days

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Even if planking is the simplest exercise, it gives so many benefits to your body. Some of the benefits it gives are it improves your breathing, it helps you gain concentration and focus, and there’s so much more.

Keep watching this video and learn more about how your body transforms while planking for 7, 14, or 30 days!


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In a nutshell:

1.You will have better posture. Planks work your core which means that they work your whole body, from your pelvic girdle up to your shoulder girdle and down to your legs.

Planking will strengthen your spline, your trapezius, and rhomboids as well as your abdominal muscles that will result in a stronger posture.

Why is good posture important? Well…

A good posture will prevent your body from developing injuries caused by improper weight distribution, which can affect everything from extensive exercise routines to minimal movements like bending over.

Second, a proper posture makes you confident.

Third, you can lift heavier things, and your body will have less strain on your bones and joints that help prevent arthritis, and it will lower the risk for you to experience skeletal injuries because a good posture is how you can keep your bones aligned.

Fourth, an improved posture can nullify any digestive issues you have or any functional problems caused by bad posture.

Lastly, it increases your height. The planking as regular as 7, 14, or 30 days will make your body appear leaner and it adds a few inches to your height without increasing your weight.

2. Your body becomes coordinated. Planking helps in training your muscles to be stable. Your body uses its core muscles to maintain balance.

A strong core will help you avoid injuries that are caused by single muscle groups that are over-exerted by trying to maintain your balance while doing an extensive workout routine.

Strengthening your body’s core will teach you how the muscles in your body work together while improving your ability to work with a single unit of muscles instead of controlling different muscle groups simultaneously.

Planking will help the muscle groups build endurance making it possible for you to maintain your balance in any physically tiring situations for a longer period.

Planking is not for building strength and endurance but rather also enhances your capability to support your own weight.

3. Planking will make your body more flexible. Planking will make your posterior muscle groups more flexible.

Some of your muscles that become flexible from planking are the muscles around your shoulders, your shoulder blades, and the collarbone area of your body.

The muscle areas that were mentioned will grow and stretch by doing regular planking.

Just a tip for enhancing your flexibility by planking,

When you are in your plank position, try rocking your body back and forth by slowly moving your toes in any direction, and try adding plank to your workout routine as it can build your core strength, and improves your body’s flexibility more effectively.

4. It can help improve your mental health.

Once your body is physically stressed, it could be draining to your mental health. The tension in some parts of your body like your legs will result in more tension in other parts of your body.

It is because your body will need to compensate. If your legs are tense, you will divert the tension to other parts of your body which could cause your back to strain.

All of these stressors can result in anxiety. Stress and worries on your mind will cause your body to undergo a psychosomatic response. A psychosomatic response is a physical response that is caused by a mental process.

Going back, it could cause tension in your muscles. These types of stress muscles are often alleviated with massage.

By doing planks, you can eliminate all the physical stressors that will lead to a better state of mind. All forms of exercise can cause the release of endorphins.


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