December 9, 2022


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This Beginner Fat Burning Exercise Will Melt The Fat Off Your Body

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We all have a different reason for working out–some are aiming to accomplish performance goals while others want to build more muscles for aesthetics. However, deep down, everyone exercises to live a healthier life.


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In a nutshell:

Too much fat in the body, especially in your belly, puts you at higher risk of developing dangerous health conditions than others. In this video, we will cover more about this fat-burning move including how to perform it correctly, some common newbie mistakes to look out for, and more importantly, how it reduces body fat. Otherwise known as running planks, the mountain climber is an explosive bodyweight exercise that’s perfect for newbies.

Done in a plank position, the main idea here is alternating your knees in bringing them towards your chest as if you’re “running” against the floor. It’s a full-body basic move, but it especially targets your arms, shoulders, quads, and core. Oh, and did you know that mountain climbers can help you burn over 750 calories per hour? This just proves how much this exercise scorches body fat. For now, let’s go over how to properly execute a mountain climber since, without the proper form, you won’t be able to get the most out of this exercise. A proper form is required when performing mountain climbers.

Also, some common errors can happen when performing mountain climbers, especially for newbies like you. How mountain climber melts fats off your body The mountain climber is a remarkable calorie-burning exercise that really gets your heart rate going. With mountain climbers, you’re guaranteed to burn a significant number of calories and body fat over time. In fact, you can even burn over 750 calories in just an hour with mountain climbers. With your fitness level, clearly, you’re not performing an hour of mountain climbers. For beginners, you can start with 100 mountain climbers a day and build up so you can perform a solid 10 minutes worth. Mountain climbers work to strengthen multiple muscle groups in your upper body. These include the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back, as you carry your body weight for a long period. This exercise increases flexibility because it requires your body to perform instant, smooth, and flexible movements. At first, it may be hard but once your hips loosen up, you can perform the mountain climber very smoothly. As a compound exercise, the mountain climber works several muscle groups and joints at the same time. One of the best things about the mountain climber is that it gets your heart rate very high, mainly thanks to the switching leg part of the exercise. When performing this exercise, make sure to do it at a pace that matches your fitness level. Once your body gets used to it and there have been changes in your cardiovascular health, you can speed it up for the next fitness level. The faster you can perform mountain climbers, the harder you will breathe, and the better it will be for your heart health.

Lastly, mountain climbers are effective at boosting your core strength. A common newbie mistake with mountain climbers is to try to bounce on the toes while performing the exercise. The bouncing might make it feel like you’re doing yourself a favor by making it a bit of an advanced workout, but doing so actually requires less engagement from your core muscles. The problem is that not letting your toes touch the floor means you won’t get the full benefit of the mountain climber and you might risk injuring yourself. And so, you’re likely gonna let your weight shift back so your body is in a down-dog kind of position. You can perform mountain climbers repeatedly to burn fat. For instance, you can perform mountain climbers for 1-2 minutes then have a 1-minute rest.


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