October 5, 2022


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This 1 Month Sugar Detox Will Stop Your Sugar Addiction

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What you think are seemingly healthy foods might be in fact loaded with sugar. Thus, it’s no wonder most of us have a real dependency or frankly speaking, a real addiction to sugar. But don’t fret, there’s a way to stop your sugar addiction–enter 1-month sugar detox.


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In a nutshell:

This 1 Month Sugar Detox Will Stop Your Sugar Addiction

In general, the brain and body need about 3-4 weeks to eliminate cravings for sweets and start craving healthier foods that satisfy more of your nutritional needs. All those things considered, giving yourself a month to work sugar off your system should be enough time to establish new dietary habits and stop your sugar addiction. Next up is how to do this 1-month sugar detox. How your 1-month sugar detox plan will pan out You could now taste natural sugars in fruits, vegetables, and dairy that used to be very dull for you.

For the first three days, you should avoid added sugars. In essence, you`d be on a strict protein-vegetables-healthy-fats diet only. At this time, eating apples will taste like candy. Now that you`ve gone completely sugar-free for three days in a row, you start tasting natural sugars again.

You can also add one dairy food each day. Foods you can now eat include grains like quinoa, barley, and oatmeal. For the final week, you can enjoy two starches per day, including rice and bread, alongside high-fiber crackers. Have you run out of food options for your sugar detox challenge? Meal plans during a sugar detox Slow and steady is best when embarking on a new lifestyle habit, and it all starts with the first meal of the day.

Focus on foods that are rich in quality protein and healthy fats, as they will keep you fuller for longer and help suppress cravings, all the while providing you energy. Recommended breakfast foods: For the second major meal of the day, keep up with the fiber, protein, and healthy fats combination. The best way to get sugar detox is to eat protein and healthy fats. Protein keeps you feeling full for longer periods and curbs your cravings while healthy fats stabilize blood sugar and give you lasting energy.

Moreover, it stops you from breaking your sugar detox. Drinking water can delay this response, giving you time to think again if it`s truly worth caving into your sweet tooth. Recommended lunch foods: An ideal dinner during a sugar detox should again be vegetable-based that include protein and healthy fats. Recommended dinner foods: If you feel a bit hungry between meals, have a snack.

When snacking, you should still be mindful of how you eat. Aside from those meal reminders and options, it`s also crucial to know which foods have hidden sugars in them. This way, you can know which to avoid during the whole month of partaking in a sugar detox.


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