December 4, 2022


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These 8 Exercises Will Melt Your Thigh Fat Away

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Love a fit and toned body with thinner thighs? You will need to adhere to a strict workout regime and healthy diet in order to get rid of unwanted thigh fat.


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In a nutshell:

These 8 Exercises Will Melt Your Thigh Fat Away You will need to adhere to a strict workout regime and healthy diet in order to get rid of unwanted thigh fat. In this video, we will tell you about 8 exercises that you can practice in order to get rid of thigh fat. What causes inner thigh fat? Women usually store fat in their hips, lower belly, and inner thighs. If your genes graced you with the gift of inner thigh fat, it can form in two ways: Plank exercises are the basis for building a strong core and six pack abs but how to reduce inner thigh fat with planks? Well, this particular plank variation targets the inner thighs along with the arms, chest, core, and glutes. ● Now, slide your feet apart while keeping your upper body fixed and open the legs as wide as possible. ● Slowly squeeze the inner thighs to slide the legs back together. This fast-paced move gets your heart rate up (to help blast body fat) and recruits your inner-thigh muscles to help you quickly switch directions. ● Then lift your left knee up, swinging your right arm forward. Sumo squat or Plie squat is another power-packed squat variation that helps to develop shapely legs but how to reduce inner thigh fat with squats? This particular squat focuses on the inner thighs rather than the quads. Consequently, inner thigh fat is eliminated. This is a simple inner thigh workout that has a lot of benefits. This workout provides strength to your lower body and also helps to tone your legs. This fun variation of the classic bodybuilder favorite hits the inner legs and can be performed with no equipment (holding a dumbbell or kettlebell is an option). ● Keeping your pelvis straight and upper body straight (this is not a squat per se, we are not sitting back), lower your body until your thighs are close to or at parallel with the floor. ● To start, Lie on your side on the floor with your legs together, knees bent and with your head, shoulders, bottom, and heels touching the floor. ● Repeat the exercise but begin with both heels lifted to the level of your top hip for one minute. If you start to feel this exercise in the side of your hip, you are fatiguing and need to swap sides. 6. Inner-Thigh Pilates Leg Lifts There are lots of Pilates exercises that target inner thigh fat and this is one of the best. This is a variation on leg lifts with a twist to add extra focus on those inner thighs. Thus, you are Working the inner thighs of both in the process. ● Hold your legs together and slowly raise them both as far as you can comfortably do so. Hold the position for 1-2 seconds when your legs are elevated, then slowly return them to the floor. With this exercise, I will show you how to target those inner-thighs. ● Start by Lying flat on your back, place a stability ball between your knees and hold it there. ● Relax your legs and return to the starting position without losing complete grip on the ball This will get you prepared for the inner thigh workout ● Please ensure you do at least 2-3 sets of each of these 12 best inner thighs workout for slim toned thighs listed above. ● Ensure you complete the work out with a lower body stretching exercise. Conclusively, your inner thigh is very important as any other part of your body. Let us know if these 8 exercises helped you lose your thigh fat by commenting down below!


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