November 29, 2022


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These 5 Changes Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

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We all have times when we aren’t at our best selves. However, there are also several actionable steps you can easily take to seize control and get back to your happy self.


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In a nutshell:

Simple changes and tweaks here and there such as taking a stroll outside don’t cost a thing and will quickly boost your mood. And we will be talking more about this and the other four changes or ways you can do that will make you instantly transition from sad to happy. 1. Listening to feel-good songs According to research, music, even sad ones, can lift your mood. Other studies also suggest that listening to music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. But how exactly does music impact our brain and mood? Research has found that when a person listens to music that gives them chills, it activates the release of dopamine to the brain. That’s because the brain develops rapidly between ages 12 and 22 and the songs that you connected those times still have a strong neurological connection today. The surge of hormones associated with those years tells the brain that everything is important and it includes whatever music you’re listening to at the time. But did you know that there’s also positive listening, or intentionally listening to positive-sounding songs to boost your mood? In another study, it was found that people who purposely listen to upbeat music experience improved moods and happiness. The outdoors and nature provide the mind and body countless benefits that you just cannot get inside. Below are ways going outdoors and getting your body moving helps with your mood: Natural sunlight exposure can improve your mood and self-esteem. According to studies, human brains have higher levels of serotonin on bright, sunny days, whether it’s warm or cold out. It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression while improving your mood. Spending time in nature helps your mind to have a restful break. And at times like those, you need to get away from such stress to give your mind a rest. Restorative environments like nature have been proven to get your mind energized and make you feel good. Best of all, it releases endorphins, which boost your mood. Having a healthy, positive relationship with friends is an essential factor when maintaining healthy emotional wellbeing. A good friend supports and accepts you the way you are. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide comfort and support during bad days. – They reduce stress during tough times. Go be with your best friend and your stress hormone cortisol levels can actually get reduced. Scientific studies say that having a good friend with you during hard times makes the bad experience less upsetting. Knowing you have a friend to turn to is already very comforting. But did you know that doing things in your friends’ favor can also make you feel better? Based on studies, the feeling of being relied on by close friends was a huge reason why friendship can bring happiness to people. In a study, it was found that people were 15% more likely to be happy when they’re around with a happy friend. Just 10 minutes of meditation can reduce mind-wandering episodes, especially for those who are very emotionally stressed. While the practice of meditation is thousands of years old, studies on its health benefits are new and promising. Prosocial behaviors also encompass a wide range of actions, including helping, comforting, sharing, and cooperating. Helping others brings feelings of happiness to many. When doing something nice for others, your focus is no longer on yourself or your own problems, but on others and making them feel happy. Anything that can benefit others and make you feel happy instantly at the same time is happiness that’s shared.


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