June 29, 2022


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These 10 Foods Are Lowering Your Testosterone

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Does your libido lag these days? Are you unable to find the strength to get up in the morning and build out a great day ahead? There’s a chance you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.


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In a nutshell:

These 10 Foods Are Lowering Your Testosterone You may be consuming what can best be described as testosterone killing foods. What Are The 10 Foods That Kill Testosterone? Such benefits don`t suggest that you could be ingesting a testosterone killing food, yet debate within the medical community wages on. Soy generally contains a large volume of phytoestrogen isoflavones, estrogen-like compounds found in plants. These phytoestrogens can trigger estrogen receptors in your body, but they can also decrease the activity of your androgen receptors, which your testosterone binds itself to.

Several studies indicate that dairy products can kill your testosterone levels. There`s extensive research that too much alcohol impedes the functionality of your hypothalamus, pituitary gland and testes. Like with dairy, the hypothalamus can`t release GnRH, the pituitary gland can`t release FSH and LH, and your testes can`t produce testosterone. Besides being a testosterone killer, overconsumption of alcohol can be bad for your body in so many other ways, including your liver, kidneys and heart.

Sadly, many baked goods are high in trans-unsaturated fatty acids — aka trans fat — which are heavily associated with causing T levels to decline. Baked goods like pastries, danish, pies and other sweet treats can increase your insulin levels as well as your waist size, both of which can leave you with Low T and a bad taste. Perhaps it`s a little easier to reduce sugar intake if you have a better idea of what it can do to your hormones. Unfortunately, some research indicates that when it comes to male hormones, mint may stink.

We`ve already touched on some of these since they`re key ingredients in several aforementioned testosterone killing foods, but it`s worth expanding on the topic that certain fats can be disastrous for your hormones. Though there are natural traces of trans fat in meat and dairy, you`ll find an overabundance of them within processed, fried and fast foods. The list of health risks associated with those foods is vast: Cardiovascular disease, inflammation, type 2 diabetes, decreased HDL (good) cholesterol and increased LDL (bad) cholesterol, and Low T and decreased fertility. Then there are vegetable oils, which are hydrogenated to improve foods` taste, texture and shelf-life.

Though they`re often labeled as a “healthy” fat, PUFAs must be ingested within moderation. Last, you have your omega-6 fatty acids, which you`ll find in many of those vegetable oils as well as various nuts and seeds. Omega-6 can be considered a rather healthy type of PUFA — when consumed in moderation, it can lower your bad cholesterol, improve your good cholesterol, and help reduce the risks of certain cancers and heart disease. However, they`re not as healthy as omega-3 fatty acids, yet they`re consumed far more in excess.

Research supports that too much omega-6 can not only decrease testosterone production, but it can also reduce testicular size and function, and increase inflammation in the body. Certain nuts can wreak havoc on your hormones. Nuts have earned a great reputation for containing healthy fats and minerals, but several studies show how nuts high in polyunsaturated fatty acids — including walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecans and almonds — can cause oxidative stress to storage tissues, which in effect can lower your T levels. If you`re someone who loves snacking on nuts, look to ones that are nutrient-dense and higher in cholesterol- and heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).

There`s no question that flaxseed offers health benefits such as improving cholesterol levels and digestive health and reducing blood pressure. Lignans are plant-based compounds that can cut down total and free T levels and prevent the conversion of testosterone into


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