December 8, 2022


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These 10 Anti-aging Drinks Will Give You a Youthful & Healthy Appearance

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We all want to stay youthful-looking. Unfortunately, we just cannot stop aging. Rather, the only thing we can do is to delay it. Today, we will be introducing anti-aging juice recipes that let you maintain a wrinkle-free, youthful look.


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In a nutshell:

We have tons of fruits and veggies around us that are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, so consuming their juices regularly can be especially helpful in rejuvenating your skin.
Most recipes will be a mix of fruit and veggies, such as spinach, cucumber, and mango juice.
Let’s get into them one by one in this video so keep watching!

Cucumber, Lemon, and Pear Juice
Cucumber is rich in nutrients, not just for the body but also for the skin.
It has vitamin C and is filled with water, protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and early aging.
And speaking of vitamin C, there’s also lemon, a fruit that has lots of vitamin C that stimulates collagen production and reduces signs of aging.
Meanwhile, pear is an excellent source of vitamin E and contains moisturizing and regenerative properties for the skin.

1 large cucumber
1 large lemon
2 medium-sized pear

Remove the seeds of the pears. Next, peel off and chop the cucumber and the now-seedless pears.
Set them aside first so you can squeeze out the juice of the lemon.
Then, put everything inside the food processor and blend well.

Spinach, Cucumber, and Mango Juice
Spinach offers good amounts of vitamin A, C, E, and B6, which are proven to help tighten skin, thus, reducing aging signs.
Vitamin A, in particular, works to eliminate free radicals from the skin cells.
Cucumber is a vitamin C powerhouse, making it a natural antioxidant.
It then tightens, brightens, and promotes skin cell turnover and collagen production.
Lastly, there’s mango, not just to add a sweet flavor to the drink but to also help promote hydrated and healthy skin.

1 small thick bunch of spinach
1 small cucumber
1 medium-sized mango
Peel both the cucumber and the mango and slice them into small cubes.
Next, thoroughly chop the fresh spinach.
Lastly, put everything inside a food processor and blend until they make a rich smoothie.

Celery, Carrot, and Cantaloupe Juice
Celery is made with 95% of water.
So, when it comes to skin hydration, you’d never go wrong with it.
Skin hydration is important if you want to stay wrinkle-free.
Carrots work to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.
As you may already know, harmful UV rays speed up aging.
Cantaloupe is packed with vitamins A, B, and C, all of which helps in keeping your skin healthy, young, and supple.

2 stalks of celery
2 large carrots
1 small cantaloupe
1/2 cup of water
Carefully discard the skin of the cantaloupe and cut it along with the carrots into small pieces.
Thoroughly chop the celery.
Now, put all ingredients in the food processor and make sure to add water.
Blend until it forms a thick juice.
Cucumber, Lettuce, Mint, and Lemon Juice
Cucumber doesn’t just help combat premature aging, but also aids in fighting acne and soothing irritation.

It’s also excellent for keeping your skin moisturized, making it more elastic and glowing.
Lettuce has high levels of vitamin A, which can promote skin cell turnover.
Both lettuce and lemon have vitamin C that protects the skin from UV radiation.
And adding some mint leaves makes the juice more refreshing and rejuvenating.
Kale, Strawberry, and Apple Juice
Kale is rich in vitamins C, E, and K.

Together, they help promote younger and radiant skin.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it’s perfect for getting rid of lines and free radicals.

Strawberries have potent astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that work together to delay aging.

Also, these fruits can get rid of dead skin cells.


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