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The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss – Chef AJ

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The Secrets To Ultimate Weight Loss – Chef AJ

Chef AJ
• Book – The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss

00:00:30 Eat More, Weigh Less and Feel Full On Fewer Calories
00:09:59 The First Secret To Healthy Weight Loss
00:19:57 What Do The Leanest People On The Planet Eat?
00:34:14 People Consume 900 Calories A Day Of Something That Isn’t A Food
00:46:27 When You Like Chocolate Better Than Kale, It’s Because of Dopamine
00:52:03 The Most Calorically Dense Nutrient Poor Food On The Planet
01:02:25 Alcohol Creates Cancer In Every Cell It Touches
01:14:02 You Don’t Need Salt For Minerals, That’s What Vegetables Are For
01:24:24 It’s Really The Fat That Causes Diabetes, Not The Sugar
01:35:52 Get Rid Of Animal Products And Oil And You’re On Your Way To Better Health

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Chef AJ has been devoted to a plant-exclusive diet for over 43 years.
She is the host of the television series Healthy Living with CHEF AJ which airs on Foody TV.
A chef, culinary instructor, and professional speaker, she is the author of the popular book Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, which chronicles her journey from an obese junk-food vegan faced with a diagnosis of pre-cancerous polyps, to learning how to create foods that nourish and heal the body.
Her latest bestselling book The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry has received glowing endorsement by many luminaries in the plant-based movement.
In her new book, plant-based diet expert Chef AJ provides you with not only tips and techniques to begin your weight-loss journey but also the secrets to tasty homemade dishes that will fill you up without adding on the pounds.
Chef AJ is here to prove to you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. With The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss,she covers
• the ways her own weight-loss journey inspired her professional career,
• the most important steps to get started on your own goals,
• the seven c’s to weight-loss success,
• the invaluable concept of calorie density,
• the keys to overcoming the most common and frustrating challenges, and
• the dozens of delicious recipes that help you lose weight and still love what you eat.

From oven-roasted ratatouille to the best no-bean burgers around, Chef AJ shows you how satisfying and slimming a plant-based weight-loss plan can be.
Chef AJ was the Executive Pastry Chef at Santé Restaurant in Los Angeles where she was famous for her sugar, oil, salt, and gluten-free desserts which use the fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the whole fruit. These recipes can be found in her upcoming book A Date With Dessert.
She is the creator of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, which has helped hundreds of people achieve the health and the body that they deserve and is proud to say that her IQ is higher than her cholesterol. In 2018 she was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.
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