November 28, 2021


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The OMAD Diet – How it Will Transform Your Body

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The One Meal A Day diet promises to be the revolutionary change you need in your life right now but is it all that it claims to be?


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In a nutshell:

The OMAD diet really can prove super useful for you and while it’s not really the one you’re looking for when you’re trying to gain weight, it is something you should try if you need lose weight.
Now as the name suggests, the OMAD diet is focused on a single meal during the day.

Keep in mind that the hour that you select to eat every day should be kept the same through out the length of the diet since your body needs to sync itself and your biological clock according to this hour.
Now once you have the hour selected it’s time to move on to what the meal should be.

The One Meal A Day guideline don’t really have a specific set of rules to as what you can and cannot eat.
Anything goes as long as you’re okay with it.
However, you should try to stay away from carbonated drinks and foods rich in sugars for the meal.

This is because the high amount of sugar will send your blood glucose level sky rocketing and it will only make you feel hungrier during the rest of the day since to the now relatively exceptionally low level of glucose.
Try to have a diet that is focused on vegetables, lean cuts of meat and protein rich foods.

Other than this there are some people that should refrain from following the One Meal A Day diet.
This includes malnourished people and people with type 1 diabetes since the diet might not provide all the required nutrients that they need.


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