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The Most Accurate Way Of Finding And Following Cancer

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New 2022 – The Most Accurate Way Of Finding And Following Cancer

Dr Robert L. Bard, MD
• Book – The Prostate Cancer Revolution

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Dr Robert L. Bard, MD, is an author of; The Prostate Cancer Revolution: Beating Prostate Cancer Without Surgery and an internationally known and recognized leader in the field of

In the Book The Prostate Cancer Revolution there is a new world of medical options for the 200,000+ men diagnosed annually with prostate cancer. Backed by compelling data about new ultrasound and MRI imaging technologies, Dr. Bard offers a way to overcome what men fear most dreaded random rectal biopsies using 10-14 needles with often inaccurate findings, being rushed into a whole-gland treatment (surgery, radiation), not being told the truth about side effect risks, missed time from work during treatment and recovery, leaking urine, having to wear pads or diapers, not being able to perform sexually. The Prostate Cancer Revolution explains how imaging breakthroughs provide peace of mind, tumors and their blood supply are precisely identified, if a biopsy is necessary, needle samples are taken only from the known tumor(s) for highly accurate findings, advanced imaging is used to plan and deliver minimally invasive, painless outpatient targeted treatments that destroy tumors without urinary or sexual side effects. The Prostate Cancer Revolution explains how imaging avoids unnecessary biopsies and “overkill” treatments, enables patients to monitor prostate health, and empowers them to create a cancer-free lifestyle. Dr. Bard shares his personal experience to inspire independent thinking. The Prostate Cancer Revolution is a revolutionary path for prostate cancer patients and their partners to release fear and embrace life to the max.

Dr. Bard specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma and other areas. Dr. Bard’s images are used to accurately guide biopsies, target therapy and provide focused follow-up after treatment.
Dr. Bard’s medical career began as a diagnostic radiologist and evolved into the practice of non-invasive 3D imaging with ultrasound, MRI and laser technologies. He has served in the military, been the head Radiologist at several leading hospitals, and published a multitude of textbooks and scientific papers. He presents articles worldwide, teaches at International Conferences and is on the Editorial Review Board of National and International Medical Journals. Holding medical licenses in several states, he holds Board certification from the American Board of Radiology (1974) and Fellowship in the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery (2014)
Dr. Bard is currently in consulting practice in New York. He appears frequently on regional television, national radio and is a consultant to major healthcare organizations.
He is committed to improving non-invasive cancer testing and developing minimally invasive image guided technologies to prevent cancer spread through his foundation, The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research and Development.
In his role as director of BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS, he lectures at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYU Medical Center and leading international hospitals in England, France, Spain and the Netherlands. He has written two textbooks on prostate cancer imaging (Springer, 2009 and 2013) and is Editor of Image Guided Dermatologic Treatment (Springer, in press)
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