June 29, 2022


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The Money Talk You Must Have with your Parents or Loved One

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The Money Talk You Must Have with your Parents or Loved One (Before It’s Too Late)

The Money Talk you Must Have with your Parent or Love One is about finances in the event of their inability to make decisions for themselves.

In this interview with award-winning personal finance journalist and author Cameron Huddleston, we delve into the legal forms you must get done and have on file before the day comes that your loved one will need for you to make them.

Cameron is the daughter of a parent with dementia that came on far earlier than expected – at the age of 65. In her book, Mom, Dad, We Need to Talk, Cameron covers the essential conversations that you need to have with your loved ones before tragedy or illness strikes. She also walks through the specific forms that you can have done quickly and easily with a local estate planning attorney.

Cameron shares a heartbreaking story of a friend who was not able to get this paperwork done before his father’s illness and the months and months of court appearances and thousands of dollars he spent to become his father’s court-appointed guardian.
All of this can be avoided by having essential conversations now and planning ahead for the possibility that one day YOU may need to make these decisions for your parent, child, or loved one.

Since Medicare requires authorization forms to be on file in order for you to call Medicare on someone else’s behalf, we thought this book was the perfect fit to help you explore why you need these documents and how to go about getting them done so that you can have peace of mind.

You can find more about Cameron and order her book at: https://cameronhuddleston.com/

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