August 15, 2022


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The Effects of Taking an Ice Bath Every Day for 30 Days

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The thought of taking a cold shower in the morning is enough to bring some people to their knees.

But what if it’s an ice bath, instead? Even worse, eh?

Taking an ice-cold bath is far from easy, but perhaps if you know the benefits it brings, you’ll change your mind faster than you can blink.


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🕒 Timestamps:

Intro – 0:00
What is an ice bath? – 0:41
Benefits of taking an ice bath daily – 1:30
1. Soothes muscles 1:54
2. Gives you a boost of natural energy – 2:44
3. Helps boost metabolism – 3:07
4. Strengthens the immunise system – 3:45
5. Helps cools down the body – 4:17
6. Boosts mental health – 4:38
7. Helps you cope with stress better – 5:30
8. Improves sleep – 5:44
9. Enhances workout and sports performance – 6:16
How to have an ice bath – 7:01


In a nutshell:

Ice baths are known to relieve muscle soreness and pain.

But did you know that taking an ice bath every day for 30 days can help reduce stress and even boost your metabolism and immune system? Seems too good to be true?

Keep watching to know how ice baths can make those happen.

What is an ice bath?
Otherwise known as cold water immersion, an ice bath is a form of cryotherapy that involves sitting in chilly water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ideally, you should be soaked up to your chest.

To get the most out of it, the temperature should be between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does it feel?
It won’t be pleasant, that’s for sure.

The first time you get in, the cold will take your breath away.

But give it 5 to 10 minutes and it’ll be easier, especially if you breathe and relax.

For your first few ice baths, expect them to be incredibly uncomfortable and painful.

Thankfully, over time, you can build up a tolerance.

Particularly for athletes, ice baths are beneficial as they help people move and feel better, which is great for their recovery.

Benefits of taking an ice bath daily for 30 days
Bodybuilders, professional athletes, and physical fitness enthusiasts acknowledge ice baths as an effective recovery tool.

If you belong to any of those groups, then you may also have a good experience with ice baths.

Keep watching to learn about the positive effects of ice bath treatment.


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