December 4, 2022


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The Best Rep Range To Build Muscle Faster

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Every aspiring bodybuilder or just about any guy who wants to get shredded has asked themselves this question at least once. And that is–how many reps is best for building muscle faster?


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In a nutshell:

The Best Rep Range To Build Muscle Faster And that is–how many reps is best for building muscle faster? If you ask strength coaches, personal trainers, and even exercise physiologists about this, they`d likely give you different answers. Low, medium, high reps–each range has its own arguments regarding muscle growth. And later on, we will reveal the rep range that will yield the best muscle growth results, so stay tuned until the very end! Take your pick (i. e.

, low, moderate, and high range), and let`s find out together whether you`re right or wrong. If you`re new or still aren`t used to training in this zone, muscle fatigue can set in quickly. The amount of weight you can lift won`t be heavy enough to activate fast-twitch type 2 muscle fibers. This matters because the potential for muscle growth lies on type-2 fibers, and these muscles only respond to heavyweight at least 75% of your one-rep max.

Final verdict: is high rep the best? But here`s the catch (a big one, too)–muscle-fiber stimulation, and hence growth, significantly affects the amount of time a muscle is under tension. Final verdict: is low rep the best? Coming up next is how the middle rep range is the most effective and efficient training zone for building muscles faster. When building mass, you must maximize the number of high-quality reps you can pull off per muscle group for each week. By high-quality reps, we`re talking about sets that let you maintain a good form while still being relatively challenging for you to finish.

Doing 8-12 reps will place enough stress on your body to stimulate muscle growth without overstressing your body and extending your recovery time. From here on, let`s discuss the reasons why moderate rep range is best for building more size: This is critical because longer sets compel the body to rely on the glycolytic-energy system, leading to the formation of lactic acid. As a result, it puts your body in a highly anabolic state, which is a state you want to be in if you wish to build more muscles. Time-under-tension or TUT refers to the amount of time a muscle is strained during an exercise set.

Workouts that have higher TUT are designed to create tension in your muscles for a longer period, which leads to more muscle damage. And the greater the muscle damage the better the muscle growth. Higher time-under-tension also results in a muscle pump. The combination of moderate rep range and a challenging weight also brings about a much-desired body state: the muscle pump.

But above all, perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of this body state are the fast-twitch muscle fibers.


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