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The Best 8 Minute Posture Routine

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Years of sitting slumped over a desk will eventually take a toll on your body. And one of its side effects is having to deal with poor posture. On the bright side, you can make things write in just a relatively shorter period with the right posture routine.


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In a nutshell:

The Best 8 Minute Posture Routine We know you`re busy but if you could just carve out 8 minutes on your calendar every day, then it`d surely do wonders in helping hold those shoulders back and keeping you sitting and standing tall. In this video, we will be going over an 8-minute posture training program that consists of various exercises that will help correct your posture. Why posture workout routine is important Sitting too much, for example, is bad for you as it leads to more or less the development of certain postures. On top of that, such a posture is accompanied by several asymmetries brought by various sitting habits This can then lead to one side being tighter than the other.

All of which can lead to tightness, aches, and pains in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and other areas. Moreover, it makes it harder to properly perform various exercises in the gym, let alone comfortably move and stand throughout the day. To do this, you just need to do the following quick and easy exercises. The first one, which consists of 3 exercises, will be focused primarily on the upper body.

For the first posture exercise, you can do it with either a band or a towel. The over-and-backs exercise is created to open up and stretch the shortened chest and shoulder muscles that are pulling you forward causing the hunched posture. To perform it, start by gripping the band or towel with a wide overhand grip, meaning your palms are facing towards your body and wider than shoulder-width apart. And when the band or towel gets behind your back, focus on pulling your hands apart.

The cobra pose aids in stretching out practically all the tightened muscles in your body. It`s arguably one of the single best stretches for sitting. When you go joint by joint, your whole body is almost fully reversed in this position as opposed to a typical sitting position. Your toes should be facing down and your hands by your sides positioned directly under your shoulders.

You can do this by thinking about bringing your upper body forward and up by using and engaging your mid and lower back muscles. You just weren`t aware that it`s actually stretching exercise. Its execution is just as straightforward as its name. This exercise will help correct some of the asymmetries brought by slouching one way when sitting.

To start, hold one hand at your hip. Complete 5-10 reaches each side with a pause at the end position Whereas the first three movements focused on strengthening your upper body, the last three exercises will be about strengthening your lower body. To kick off the lower back routine, we will start by working on your thoracic or mid back mobility, which often gets stiff from sitting. Such stiffness doesn`t just promote hunched posture but also causes issues in the lower back and lower body.

Execution: Start by getting on all fours and sitting your hips back towards your heels. At the same time, follow your elbow with your eyes then rotate


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