September 28, 2022


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The 10 Top Reasons Why You’re Not Building Any Muscle

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Are you exercising regularly? But what if you’re still not seeing the definition in your body after working so hard? What gives then? There are several reasons why people don’t get muscle gains even after consistently going to the gym or working with a personal trainer.


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In a nutshell:

The 10 Top Reasons Why You`re Not Building Any Muscle There are several reasons why people don`t get muscle gains even after consistently going to the gym or working with a personal trainer. After all, your main goal here is to build muscle so weight training should outweigh cardio workouts. When building muscle, boosting your protein intake alone isn`t going to take you that far. This macronutrient is crucial when building muscle.

Carbs don`t just fuel your workout by giving you more energy to work hard, they also aid in rebuilding muscle tissues. To gain muscles, you must first gain weight. And to gain weight, you must aim for a calorie surplus. In essence, when you eat excess calories daily and train decently, you`ll grow.

In the end, you`ll put on body fat and not have enough lean muscle. One great way to plan your diet for muscle gain is to split it into macronutrient ratios, or P/C/F meaning protein/carbohydrate/fat ratios. In addition to the nutrition aspect, everything about your training and workouts is also a defining factor in muscle building. Next up is how weight workloads can be the culprit as to why you aren`t packing on muscles.

Building muscle causes a huge biological shift in the body, and such a significant change requires enough stimulus to trigger it. One surefire way to do that is to increase your training weights. Heavy weight lifting triggers fast-twitch muscle fibers, resulting in growth. Instead, worry only about the quality of the muscles you build with your weight and nutrition.

You can`t have a solid workout routine when you`re doing the wrong exercises. Unfortunately, many newbie lifters are victims of doing the wrong exercises. A common scenario is a lifter does too many isolation moves and not enough compound exercises. Another scenario is when a lifter only does exercises they like doing.

Big compound moves stimulate the most muscle fibers and put the most stress on the body. Put simply, they`re the best for building muscle. A good compound-to-isolation ratio is 2:1 or 3:1. In other words, every 2-3 compound movements should have 1 isolation exercise.

Okay, so you`re doing the right exercises. And by that, we`re talking about exercise techniques. Some general rules that apply to many exercises are as follows: – When moving the weight, avoid swinging. Training your legs is also important for packing on muscles.

Keep watching to know how not training your legs can hinder you from gaining muscles. For starters, it works most of the upper body muscles. Cardio workouts are used primarily to lose weight. So if your goal is to reduce body fat and gain lean muscle at the same time, then weight training should be your priority.


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