August 17, 2022


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Testing progesterone at home | Proov review (updated)

2 min read

In 2018 I raved in a video about the Proov PDG (a metabolite of progesterone in your urine) home tests. Since then they haven’t been sitting still and have further developed their product for your convenience, introduced an app to go with it, AND… have made the tests available for Europe YAY!! So in this video I’m showing you their upgrades and share how the test works and how you can use the test in your fertility journey.

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00:00 Intro
01:24 How to test progesterone
02:17 How to use the Proov Predict & Confirm Kit
05:05 When is the Proov test positive
06:19 Testing PdG instead of progesterone
07:07 When is this Proov test useful?
08:53 Limitations of Proov tests
09:22 What to do with the information of the Proov test results
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