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Swap out these 15 Foods for their HIGH PROTEIN alternatives

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Swap out these 15 Foods for their HIGH PROTEIN alternatives Perhaps the three best qualities of high protein foods are their versatility, ease of use, and their low carbohydrate count. Having enough protein in your regular diet would help you stay energized and satiated for longer periods.


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Notwithstanding this, many people are still notoriously drawn to high-carb foods, which are far more convenient than making smart choices and conscious effort about their diet. That`s why we`ve made a list of foods you should consider scraping off your diet versus their healthy high protein alternatives.

For example, instead of munching on pretzels and baked chips for snacks, how about some pumpkin seeds and nuts, instead? Many cereals are laden with sugar and too much of that stuff can lead to obesity, which then often causes other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. So, instead of cereal, eat eggs. They`re one of the best sources of protein, not to mention are nutrient-dense and super versatile. One of the tried-and-true foods people love eating grilled is sausage.

A good and very much healthy compromise would be to eat salmon far more often. A single 5-oz salmon filet offers up to 27g of protein. Tuna is also an excellent choice as it delivers 16g of protein for every 3-oz serving. But why settle for bacon when you can just eat chicken breast? Chicken breast is a great and healthy source of protein, provided that it`s skinless.

A 3-oz serving gives you 26g of protein already. What`s more, you`ll likely be eating more than you need to in just a single sitting. Turkey, in general, has a bit more protein than chicken, except for chicken breast. Lentil noodles offer 9.

4g of protein per 100g serving, whereas 100g of regular noodles only has 3. 6g of protein. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, hence, is the go-to food for many who are looking to increase their energy. But did you know that lentils provide greater nutritional content per serving than rice? Every 50g serving of lentils contains 12g of protein.

Plus, these legumes have less fat per serving than rice. Cheese is filled with protein and calcium. But if you`re looking to bump up your protein intake, then you might as well go big when it comes to your choice of cheese. We`re talking about cottage cheese, which offers 11g of protein in every 100g serving.

Forget about the sodium-laden baked chips and have nuts, instead. Swapping unhealthy snacks with nuts is great for overall health. And as far as nuts go, pistachios are among the low-calorie kinds while also being high in protein, delivering 6. 3g in every 30g serving.

They`re a marvelous source of plant-based protein, offering 5g for every 1-oz serving. Ricotta cheese easily makes a delicious spread while offering lower fat and cholesterol and higher calcium than butter. A 124g serving of whole milk Ricotta provides 12g of protein.


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