December 8, 2022


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SPEED UP Muscle Growth With These 3 Steps

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Speed up Muscle Growth With These 3 Steps Gaining muscle can be a painfully slow and frustrating process. And to speed up muscle growth, you must hit the right balance between nutrition, training, and supplements, which we will be discussing more in a while.


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In a nutshell:

The body needs to be fed with the right amount and quality of food necessary to increase muscle mass. Lean, chicken, lean beef, and fish are high-quality sources of protein that help burn more calories and create lean muscle.

Aim for approximately 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight. Plant-based proteins like nuts, legumes, and soybeans also make great additions to your diet. Slower rates of reps give the muscles the chance to go through their full range of motion, resulting in more even growth. You should also vary the speed of your reps, so your muscles don`t get used to the same movement.

Typically, heavier weights mean lesser reps. But using the heaviest weight possible with 8-10 reps is a great way to considerably accelerate muscle growth. From there, increase the weight as necessary so your muscles are constantly challenged. Using supplements also significantly helps in speeding up muscle growth.

Step 3: Take supplements. The common vitamin supplements that encourage muscle growth are vitamins C, D, and E. You may also want to take fish oil supplements.


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