September 29, 2022


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Skinny Teenagers: This Is How To Bulk Up Fast

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How to bulk up fast. Are you still in your teenage years and want to start bulking? Tired of feeling insecure? We have good news for you! Getting ripped or big—or both—aren’t exclusively the goals of fully-grown men.


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But teens and even younger 20-somethings aren`t yet grown men (sorry), so your training has to be a little different, too. Younger bodies respond better than older ones—all those raging hormones are good for something! In today`s video, we`ll show you how skinny teenagers can bulk up fast. In the beginning stages of a workout, your body needs some "priming" before it is ready to perform the heavy work ahead. Without this priming procedure, your body will be functioning at less than it`s most efficient and your workout will suffer.

The warm-up serves to, among other things, prime the nervous system for heavy work, increase mental alertness and awareness, rehearse the proper technique of the exercise being done, and subtly stretch and loosen the muscles, joints, and connective tissues making them less susceptible to injury. The first stage of the warm-up is a general whole-body movement of some sort, preferably an aerobic machine or motion. If you’re doing stationary bike you can even review your workout logs while you warm up so you can already have in mind what you are doing for the day. This part of the warm-up should last only about 5-10 minutes, just long enough to raise your body temperature a little.

You begin by loading the bar with about 50-60 percent of the day’s heaviest weight for your starting exercise and do the number of reps that you are going to be doing during that day’s heavy sets. The idea here is simply to rehearse the exercise and to get some blood flowing directly to the area being worked. In your next set, you will raise the weight to 80% and repeat the procedure. This is important since your nervous system can take a little time before it’s ready to fire in full force.

Your next step is to increase the weight to 90% of the day working poundage and do only 2-3 reps. You’re now ready to start into your heavy set for the day. Skinny Teenagers: This Is How To Bulk Up Fast 1. Eat a Sensible and Balanced Diet Most teenagers have a problem when it comes to eating enough good food.

A simple rule of thumb is to have three square meals planned for the day, along with two smaller snacks that can bookend your training (pre-and post-training). Just eat quality, nutrient-dense foods such as meats, fish, turkey, eggs, milk, chicken, cheeses, rice, pasta, potatoes, oats, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water. Eat a sensible, balanced diet and monitor your weight. You`ll always have an uneasiness about your training that`ll leave you antsy that there`s something better out there you could be doing.

There are countless useful programs out there, but heed a few hard and fast rules before pressing start: Choose two or three exercises per body part, with most from the multi-joint category. From the start, you must focus on form, function, and try your best to feel movements, rather than just lift objects from point A to point B. If your goal is to gain muscle, increase strength, and create a body to be proud of, you will have to push yourself beyond your comfort


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