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Skinny Guys: Looking For Ways To Gain Weight + Muscle?

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Do you want to get bigger? Do you want to bulk up? If yes, you have to do it the wrong way. Why? Doing it the wrong way will just leave you flabby with no added muscle to show for your efforts. So if you’re looking to gain weight and muscle, keep on watching this video because today, we will be telling you the secrets you need to know on how to gain weight and muscle. Keep on watching!


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In a nutshell:

Skinny Guys: Looking For Ways To Gain Weight + Muscle? Some common reasons why a person may find it hard to gain weight include: Consult With Your Doctor Before Trying to Gain Weight Always see your doctor before you start any weight-gain program. 4. advise on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will encourage weight gain Ways To Gain Weight + Muscle 1. Eat More Often to Gain Weight One of the easiest ways to increase your calorie intake is to eat more at each meal and to eat more often.

Whether this means more than three meals a day or multiple snacks, every eating occasion is an opportunity to support your weight gain goals. 2. Choose Low Volume Foods to Gain Weight Low-volume foods are options that pack a lot of calories in a smaller portion, meaning you can consume a lot more energy without having to eat large amounts. Extracting different components from foods, like oils, proteins, and sugars from whole foods, is an easy way to get concentrated macros that can provide a significant source of calories without taking up too much space.

Healthy high-calorie foods to eat more of include: Plant-based oils, 1 tablespoon = 120 calories 3. Nuts, seeds, and nut butter, 1/4 cup nuts or 2 tablespoons peanut butter = 170 calories Full fat cream and cheese, 2 tablespoons cream or 1 oz cheese = 100 calories Natural sugars like maple syrup, honey, agave, and molasses, 1 tablespoon = 60 calories Get Protein At Every Meal to Gain Weight Eating more food is key in order to gain weight, but the amount of protein you eat is also important. Considering protein is the building block for most of your entire body – especially your lean mass, upping your intake of this macro is usually necessary to put on muscle mass. In addition, high protein intakes may also support less fat gain during a calorie surplus – making it a lean bulk essential.

Cook With Healthy Fats to Gain Weight One of the simplest ways to add extra calories to your meals is to cook with fat. Fat is the most calorie-dense macro (providing nine calories per gram) and most foods will absorb the oil in the cooking process. Find a plant-based cooking oil you enjoy and use it to coat cooking pots and pans and season your ingredients. You can even add a drizzle of oil after plating for a bit more flavor and fat.

Use Toppings, Sauces, and Add Ons to Gain Weight 6. Track Your Intake to Gain Weight You can easily do this by logging everything you eat and drink using a food tracking app. Here are some easy tips you can use to get the most out of your calorie counting app: Track every food and beverage you eat or drink, even small bites and sips count


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