August 13, 2022


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Should you be taking Vitex for fertility?

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Ah… dear old Vitex… Agnus Castus… Chasteberry… however you want to call it 🙂
This friend comes up in many conversations and for good reason. Many of you consider trying it or have tried it based on the praises sung on the herb on the internet. But… is it always right to take? Is it a matter of safe to try in any case? Well, most women I speak to, I advise to not try it or come off it, and in this video I share why!

Hello lovelies, welcome to another one of my video’s in which we’ll talk about whether you should be taking Vitex, also known as Agnus Castus or Chasteberry.

I wrote a blog post series a while back because I felt there is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to this super herb. And yes, I do acknowledge it is a super herb… but for the right people!
If it is not right for you, it can further disrupt your already fragile hormone balance, so let’s talk about how Vitex works so you can figure out if you should indeed give it a try.
That way it will at least not leave you disappointed and lost when it does not “work”.

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