January 20, 2022


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REPLAY: Live Q&A about detox program – registration closes today May 28!

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This is the replay of a live Q&A I did on the detox program for which registration closes today (May 28, 2019). This is your last chance to work with me before I go on maternity leave, so if you have any questions about signing up you can watch the replay. Timestamps are below!

Ready to sign up? Head on over here: https://ingefleur.as.me/detoxprogram
Read more about the program: https://bit.ly/2K5knuy

8:54 Heavy metals detox. Why and when you need to detox these.
11:23 Can you detox metals if you still have your silver/amalgam fillings?
12:00 Why you shouldn’t TTC when detoxing metals (the rest you can continue to TTC when detoxing)
12:40 Indications for metal toxicity
16:44 Synthetic hormones. Why you need to detox these to balance your hormones when TTC.
21:40 First results I see in charts when people detox contraceptives / fertility drugs / labor drugs.
23:51 Detoxing steroids.
25:01 What order detoxes need to be done.
27:56 Do you need to leave time between detoxes?
30:05 Do you need to know for sure if you need a metal detox or would you benefit just if you do it?
32:50 How long do you need to detox for?

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