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Rebounding Is A Very Important Piece Of The Detox Strategy

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New 2022 – Rebounding Is A Very Important Piece Of The Detox Strategy

David Wolfe
• Book – The Beauty Diet: Unlock the Five Secrets of Ageless Beauty from the Inside Out

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David Avocado Wolfe is an American author, spokesman and social media influencer. He is a promoter of raw foodism and alternative medicine and has written several books

• The Beauty Diet – Unlock the five secrets of ageless beauty from the inside out
• Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the future
• Eating For Beauty
• Chaga King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

His most recent book The Beauty Diet is about how each year, women absorb pounds of toxins through cosmetics and beauty products. These creams, lotions, and cleansers not only work against us—dehydrating our skin, clogging our organs with harmful toxins, and disrupting our hormone balance—they keep us bound to an “idea” of beauty, instead of helping us achieve the natural, radiant version of ourselves we long to set free. True beauty does not come from a product or a procedure, it comes from the inside out.
David Wolfe’s book reveals why a natural, toxin-free lifestyle is not only the best way to achieve lasting beauty, it is the only way. Under Wolfe’s guidance, we learn easy and effective dietary and lifestyle changes like implementing organic superfoods and super herbs, and detoxifying the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon with special tonics and supplements. Simply put, nature’s most powerful foods are the beauty solution we have been waiting for. The strategies you’ll find in The Beauty Diet are safe, effective, and most importantly, natural ways to slow the aging process, enjoy glowing skin and shining hair, with information you can use to look and feel better instantly and long-term.
Featuring simple, delicious recipes (beauty has never tasted so good), a three-day beauty cleanse, a one-week jumpstart, and smart tips for using clay, charcoal, supplements, and more, The Beauty Diet is the ultimate resource and the healthiest, most accessible path to beauty from the inside out.

David “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe.
The world’s top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of this planet—Moms—all look to David for expert advice in health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate!
David is the celebrity spokesperson for America’s #1 selling kitchen appliance: the NUTRiBULLET™.
He is the visionary founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity (
Where the mission is to plant 18 billion fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on planet Earth, roughly 3 for every person alive–– and to encourage their growth under organic standards.
The non-profit has accomplished planting more than 60 orchards and distributing tens of thousands of fruit trees to communities around the world, every year, along with training and education
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