December 7, 2022


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No-Equipment Workout That Will Grow Your Arms Fast

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Biceps are the no. 1 Show off muscle, everybody wants bigger biceps. But how can you get your biceps to grow fast? Can you do this at your home and without using equipment?


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In a nutshell:

Can You Grow Your Arms Fast Without Equipment? If you do want to use weights, you can make heavy concrete dumbbells at home that would cost you next to nothing. Arms and in particular biceps are the most sought-after body part. METHOD I – LIFTING THINGS – Lifting heavy household stuff you didn’t even think of as weights before. What To Lift And Making Your Own Weights Lifting weights can be accomplished with heavy items in your home. The handles will give you a sturdy grip as you lift, making the jugs a better choice than those clumsy and dusty outdated encyclopedias from your grandmother’s attic. Once you have two empty jugs, start to fill each one with water until you reach the weight that you want to lift. For an even heavier weight, you can raid the beach to use sand as a filler instead of water, that will make the jugs much heavier. How much you should lift depends on how many repetitions you can make with the weight. To determine the weight of the object that you should use in your lifting exercises, do one set of 12 repetitions. Too Light – If you finish the set without much effort and feel like you can keep lifting, then the weight is too light, you won’t gain much biceps size. When your muscles feel like they need to be stronger next time, that’s when they are growing. If your biceps feel like you can handle the weight just fine, then they simply won’t grow or get as strong, they don’t need to. Once you can lift the jugs for more than 10 or 12 repetitions, it’s time to add more water or sand to the jugs to increase their weight. Bicep curls without weights The most basic lifting exercise for working your guns is known as the bicep curl. Stand with your arms at your sides as you hold a jug in each hand. Lift the jug in your right hand up in front of you as you breathe out, bringing it to your right shoulder. You should be flexing your right bicep as you lift, but only your forearm should be moving. Once your right hand is in front of your right shoulder, squeeze hard and hold that position for a second, then inhale as you lower the jug all the way back down to its starting position at your side. ● You can lift both jugs at the same time for a set of 8 to 12 repetitions. ● You can sit toward the front edge of a chair, sofa or bench seat instead of standing to do your bicep curls. If you are travelling and don’t even have access to any heavy jugs, just use your bag and a towel. For this variation on a bicep curl, which is also known as an over-the-knee bicep curl, you will only need one jug and a bench, chair or sofa. While flexing your right bicep and exhaling, lift the jug up until it meets with your chest. Hold that position for a second while flexing the bicep, and then lower the jug back to the starting position as you inhale. After 8 to 12 repetitions, switch the jug to your left hand and work the left bicep in the same way. As with the basic bicep curl, only your forearm should be moving. Do not rock your body or do any hoisting motions to lift the jug. Having no equipment should not hinder you from growing your arms fast!


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