December 3, 2022


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Motivate Yourself To Do Anything With This ONE Habit

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Motivate Yourself To Do Anything With This One Habit When you know how to motivate yourself, you gain one of the top skills that life has to offer. It`s simple; we`re talking in both a physical and social sense.


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In a nutshell:

MAKE THIS A HABIT: Continuously optimize your environment. Like it or not but your environment constantly influences your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Anything from your motivation to your productivity, they`re influenced by your environment. A person`s environment includes the people they surround themselves with (e. g. , friends, family, colleagues, significant other) and their direct environment (e.

g. , home and office). These social and physical factors can make or break your goals. Your environment could make you lose your motivation because the people you`re frequently involved with socially are distracting you from your work.

Another example is when loved ones and friends talk you out of going after your goals or gaslight you for improving yourself. “Who are the ones talking me down or holding me back?” Talking with and being around the people that make you feel positive is one of the surest ways to fuel the motivation within. Another factor that limits your motivation is your physical environment. 1.

First, keep your environment distraction-free. When you create a supportive environment, both socially and physically, motivations come in naturally as your environment essentially does the work in your stead. While you`re trying out the “Environment Optimization” habit, what do you think of adding 5 more? Click here to know what these habits are.


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