October 5, 2022


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Men: This is Why You Should Start Eating More Olive Oil

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From a dietary perspective, a high saturated fat and salt intake, inadequate fibre consumption and too many sugary drinks increase a man’s risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses.


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In a nutshell:

It`s the addition of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the diet. You can also buy extra-virgin olive oil (dubbed EVOO), which is cold-pressed from ripe olives mechanically without using high heat or chemicals, per standards set forth by the International Olive Council. One important nutrient that helps improve sperm quality and quantity is Vitamin E. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and therefore is prescribed to men to help improve their sperm quality and quantity, naturally.

Olive oil could be better than Viagra at helping men perform in the bedroom, scientists suggest. A study of more than 600 men found that those who consumed plenty of olive oil had far fewer problems with their sexual performance. Researchers said a diet rich in the oil keeps blood vessels healthy – maintaining circulation in every part of the body. Strong adherence to a Mediterranean-style diet – rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes, fish and nuts, as well as olive oil – cut the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 40 per cent, the Greek study found.

Long-term lifestyle habits on diet and exercise seem to have a major impact on not only our arteries but our quality of life, including sexual capacity from middle -age to [the] elderly population. Consuming olive oil and sticking to a Med diet keeps a man`s bedroom chances high. In the long term, a healthy diet was better for maintaining a man’s sexual prowess than relying on the instant boost of Viagra, the researcher suggested. But also a long-term answer to protecting a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom.

The researcher said medication for heart failure and blood pressure could also have side effects, including worsening sexual function. Researchers said the diet helped protect against obesity around the waist, which is linked to lower levels of the sex hormone. This diet keeps your blood vessels healthy and lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and central obesity. As per new research, a weekly dose of extra virgin olive oil helps in boosting a man`s performance in the bedroom better than the viagra! This happens because olive oil not only helps improve the levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone which plays an important role in erection but also helps to keep the blood vessels healthy, thereby ensuring healthy circulation of blood, including to the penile region.

3. Helps Improve Your Sex Drive Or Libido Adding a dash of olive oil to your diet can help you maintain the bedroom heat. It helps to improve testosterone counts dramatically, a hormone responsible for your sex drive or libido. No wonder, they say, that olive oil helps to keep the fire alive in your sex life!


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