August 17, 2022


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Medicare Open Enrollment Q&A | LIVE 🔴

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Check out our Facebook Live broadcast where we answer all of your #Medicare #OpenEnrollment and Medicaid questions.

With MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT ongoing until December 7th, now is the time to review your plan

For a free consultation call Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group on 646-745-9122 and let us take it from here (serving NY, NJ and CT).

With MMAG, you’re in safe hands.

What baffles you about Medicare and Medicaid? Let us know in the comments.

00:56 – Our services

2:03 – How MMAG started

3:50 – Would I automatically be enrolled in medicare once I turn 65?

5:00 – I am a caregiver, I feel burned out and I really need help. My siblings aren’t helping me and I just need a break. What are my options?

6:50 – Can I go to any doctor with medicare? I have traditional medicare

9:06 – How do I know if it is time for my parent to move into a nursing home?

11:04 – My new Medicaid card hasn’t arrived yet, what should I do?

11:49 – What are top tips for retirement?

12:48 – Basic information about Medicare Open Enrollment

15:11 – Are advantages plans good?

17:30 – If someone younger than 65 years old but completely disable can qualify for medicare? Even if that person has medicaid?

18:53 – Difference between medicare Part A and Part B

21:00 – Difference between assistant living and a nursing home

22:50 – We are in a lot of debt after a family member needed medical treatment, but we were not given any information about medicaid at the hospital. How can we be covered financially?

25:55 – Information about Part D

26:46 – Enrolling into traditional medicare

27:30 – Part B information

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