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Maximize Your Gains With These 12 Essential Exercises

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Maximize Your Gains With These 12 Essential Exercises – Some you may already be familiar with like squats and burpees, while not so much with others like upright row and dips. Keep watching to know a bit more about these muscle-building movements.


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In a nutshell:

If anything, you can easily get the best results by spending the least amount of time working out, provided that you`re doing the right exercises. And so, we`ve prepared a list of 12 essential exercises that will maximize your muscle gains.

It hits most muscle groups including quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, and calves. Specifically, deadlifts recruit and strengthen the large lower body muscles from the shoulder girdle down to the hips and legs. Push-ups are among the most efficient bodyweight movements to build your chest and triceps muscles. Pull-ups are among the most complete exercises for back development.

The bench press is another great “best bang for your buck” muscle mass exercise. 6. Reverse grip bench press This exercise uses the same equipment as the traditional bench press. Step-up is a simple body resistance movement that targets the muscles in the legs and buttocks.

But this intense compound exercise also has greater returns as it works for several muscle groups altogether, such as glutes, quads, core, calves, shoulders, chest, and triceps. Next up is an excellent exercise that focuses on building your triceps muscles. For better triceps engagement, perform it with your body straight up and down. This excellent upper body exercise develops your inner lats.

The close grip pull-up primarily focuses on the biceps and chest muscles. Typically done while standing, the military press emphasizes the deltoids or the shoulder muscles. Additionally, it develops other major muscle groups including the upper chest, triceps, and traps. The upright row is one of the best muscle builders for the shoulders and back.


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