September 29, 2022


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Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week With This Incredible Military Diet

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Ever heard of the military diet? It’s among the world’s most popular diets. According to many who have tried it, you can lose weight quickly in just one week.


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In a nutshell:

Understanding the Military Diet better
First off, it’s a 3-day diet with a 3-day meal plan, followed by 4 days off.
The weekly cycle will be repeated until you reach your weight goal.
But for this one, you’ll only be doing it for a week.
Interestingly, this diet was designed by nutritionists to be used by soldiers.
However, the diet isn’t affiliated with any military or government institution.

How the Military Diet works
This diet technique is split into 2 phases over a 7-day time frame.
For the first 3 days, you must follow a set low-calorie meal plan, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
There are no snacks involved.

The total calorie intake during the 1st phase is around 1,100 – 1,400 calories per day.
As you may have noticed, it’s a significantly lower amount than the average adult’s intake.

For the 2nd phase, the 4 remaining days of the week will be covered, in which you’re encouraged to eat healthily and continue maintaining a low-calorie intake.


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