November 30, 2021


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Ketone Testing Breath VS Blood & Ketone Levels for Fat Loss Explained

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Testing to see how your metabolism is responding to your diet and lifesytle is a super smart idea!

I’ve spent way too much money over the years in search for the ‘best ketone testing meter.’

Only to find out…there’s no one best way (IMO, as each one has pros and cons).

In this video we review the new Ketyo breath acetone meter, the Levl meter, Ketonix, Keto Coach, Keto Mojo and Precision Xtra meter.

I”ve been digging this new Ketyo breath acetone meter (check it out
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My go-to blood based BHB meter is the Keto Coach, as they have the moisture sealed strips.


Great blood ketone testing meter:

Ketonix is the original breath acetone meters, I have all iterations but need to try their newest version:

Keto Mojo is cool because the meter has both ketone and glucose testing abilities:

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