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Jan 2020 Functional Forum – The Community Cure For The National Health Service

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The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our first Functional Forum of the new decade. With the upcoming release of James Maskell’s second book, "The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together", this Forum will showcase how the ideas in the book can be applied to a single-payer health system like the National Health Service (NHS).

There is much excitement in the UK right now about many of the concepts we’ve been championing for the last six years. Almost one thousand general practitioners have attended Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, and lots of noise has been made around the idea of social prescribing with link workers and health coaches being championed, as well as small jurisdictions solving loneliness with community.

We return to our roots with the live format. This Forum was filmed live in early December at the Hazelwell Hub, home of the Birmingham Functional Forum meetup, which has grown significantly in the past year as practitioners of all disciplines come together to co-create the future.

Joining James on the stage for the panel discussion are Dr. Asfia Aftab, a GP Partner responsible for 80,000 lives and founder of the Birmingham Functional Forum meetup, and Dr. Mohan Pal Singh, who is passionate about community and social prescribing and was featured on our podcast last year. The final panelist is Suzy Glaskie, founder of Peppermint Wellness. In addition to offering health coaching services, Suzy has been innovating in group visits in the corporate wellness space.

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