June 29, 2022


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Is Sensation Possible After a Double Mastectomy for Breast Cancer Prevention? One Woman’s Story

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After losing her mother to breast cancer at the age of 5, Everyday Health Editor, Brianna Wesley-Majsiak, grew up constantly worrying about her increased breast cancer risk. When she decided that having a preventative double mastectomy was the right decision for her, she used social media and community to advocate for herself.

In this video, Brianna heads to San Francisco for her one-year sensation test following a risk-reducing double mastectomy with sensation preservation. Doctors Anne Peled, MD, and Ziv Peled, MD, pioneered this mastectomy technique after Anne’s own breast cancer diagnosis caused her to question why better surgical options didn’t exist. The ability to preserve sensation vastly improves quality of life for mastectomy patients, who typically lose all feeling and warmth in their chest post surgery.

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