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Increase Your Push-ups Easily

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10 Ways To Increase Your Push-ups Fast. The push-up is universally recognized as a benchmark of body fitness, as well as strength and endurance. More importantly, it’s an amazing pillar of any exercise routine.


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In a nutshell:

10 Ways To Increase Your Push-ups Fast If not, then you`re likely setting yourself for injury by “bench pressing” your way to your dream body. The push-up is universally recognized as a benchmark of body fitness, as well as strength and endurance. They don`t require any piece of gym equipment nor use up too much time, all the while effectively working several upper body muscle groups. The problem is that many are intimidated and overwhelmed by push-ups because it`s very tough to perform many reps at a time.

Tips like maintaining a strong grip on the floor and bracing your core and glutes are just two of the many ways to help you master the basics. In turn, this translates to more muscle, increased strength, and ultimately, more push-ups reps. When you have a regular workout routine as part of your weekly regimen, it`s easier to build up strength for your push-ups, thereby, increasing your repetitions. You can kick off with cardio or strength training with a few sets of push-ups.

To determine the ideal number of reps you should complete in each set, do as many push-ups as you can in 2 minutes and divide the number by 3. – Perform your workout with 3 sets of push-ups and take a 30-second break between sets. So, now that you`ve created a push-up routine, it`s time to learn about the proper ways to execute a perfect push-up. Thus, you must ensure that your neck is in a neutral position all the time.

Form a straight line from your feet to your head, keeping your neck and spine aligned. A solid base is vital for performing push-ups properly. Instead of having your fingers together and pointing straight up, position your hands in a way that your thumbs are facing each other. This hand position and grip style immediately create more full-body tension.

By brace, we mean you should squeeze your core and glutes. For the core, squeezing it will prevent a rounded spine and a banana push-up. Doing so also engages your core, turning push-ups into a full-body exercise. Although often inactive, the glutes are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body.

Squeezing them protects your lower back, enhances posture, creates full-body tension, and helps keep the spine neutral. A common mistake when performing push-ups is flaring the elbows wide. When you begin a rep, stack your joints by keeping your hands under your elbows and your elbows under your shoulders. The same logic applies when doing push-ups.

Push the floor away from you. Plus, pushing the ground away from you compels your body to use more muscles, which then makes the push-up more of a full-body movement. Do you follow any of these tips so far when doing push-ups? Push-up variations are plentiful.

More importantly, they`re an excellent way to challenge your muscles and keep you going on your push-up journey.


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