June 28, 2022


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If You’re Skinny, Start Eating This For Weight Gain

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Weight gain has always been heavily overshadowed by what many people view as the bigger enemy, weight loss and obesity. Although the latter is indeed associated with many health risks, for skinny people, putting on weight can be just as equally troublesome and exasperating.

Thankfully, you can achieve your weight gain goals with the right and proper diet and exercises.


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In a nutshell:

Today, we will be focusing on the nutrition department.
This time, foods like rice, red meat, and oily fish are gonna be your lifeline, as these are just some of the healthiest foods to safely gain weight.
Let’s go over them one by one in the next several minutes so stay tuned!

1. Healthy cereals
Healthy cereals are an amazing source of carbs, calories, and nutrients.
Of course, you should avoid processed, high-sugar cereals.
Instead, pick the healthier forms like plain oatmeal cooked with whole milk.
This is an excellent carb source to incorporate into your diet.
A single cup serving of cooked oatmeal is around 130 calories alone, then you’ll also get some calories in the whole milk you add.
Other healthy and good toppings can be nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit, and fresh berries.
Granola, multigrains, and bran are also healthy choices of cereals.

2. Whole grain bread
When gaining weight, you need to load up on your carb intake.
Whole grain breads are a good example of carbohydrate-rich food.
They’re also very versatile, as you can easily combine them with protein sources such as eggs, cheese, and meat.
Ideally, natural whole grain and seeded breeds are outstanding versions of bread.
There’s also the popular Ezekiel bread that makes a very healthy choice.
Plus, you practically have endless ingredients you can combine with sandwiches, including nut spreads, meat, veggies, avocado, and many more.
Sourdough bread is a wonderful alternative, as it’s one of the most nutritious and satisfying breads out there.

3. Cereal bars
Looking for a great high calorie snack? There’s a cereal bar.
Some of the healthier cereal bars contain between 150-200 calories.
They make a good snack before or after a workout session since they usually have a blend of slow-digesting and fast-digesting carbs.
Whether it be a snack or a meal, you can combine a cereal bar with good protein sources such as meat, protein shake, and boiled eggs.
Just stay away from cereal bars that have added sugars, salt, oils, and preservatives.
You can also consider making your own bars, so you have more freedom on what to put in them.

4. Cheese
Cheese has been a staple food for hundreds of years.
It’s high in calories and fats, which makes it perfect for people trying to put on weight.
An ounce of cheddar cheese–as in the size of a pair of dice–already has 110 calories and 7 grams of protein.
And since cheese tastes good, you can easily include it into most dishes and add hundreds of extra calories.
On another thought, many cheeses are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, so it’s best eaten in moderation.
A good ole cheese dish that’s loved by many is mac and cheese. Are you a fan too?

Full fat yogurt
This healthy and convenient snack is another must-eat for skinny peepz.
It’s super nutritious since it’s well-balanced with protein, carbs, and fat.
For every 6-ounce serving of plain, whole milk yogurt you consume, your body receives 165 calories and 15 grams of protein.
Other delicious combos and toppings are still not included in this.
Consider whole milk Greek yogurt for additional calories and almost twice the protein content of regular yogurt but with less sugar.

Read the label and avoid those containing additives like preservatives, sugar, or thickeners.

6. Rice
Rice is a low-cost carb food that helps with weight gain.
A cup of cooked white rice already supplies 204 calories, 44 grams of carbs, and very little fat.


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