December 4, 2022


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If You’re Skinny, Do This For Fast Muscle & Weight Gain

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Lets how to gain weight and muscle the fastest, and the healthiest of course. So stay tuned and keep watching this video!


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In a nutshell:

If You’re Skinny, Do This For Fast Muscle & Weight Gain. Now you’re looking for the fastest way to gain weight and muscle? In this video, we will talk about how to gain weight and muscle the fastests, and the healthiest of course. Eat More Food Constantly Than Your Body Needs Your body gets the energy that it needs from food, and your body then uses this energy to breathe, generate new cells, think, move around, and build muscle. If you want to gain weight, you’ll need to eat more energy than your body needs. It means your body is actively trying to maintain their current weight. If you eat more energy than your body needs, what do you think your body will do with that extra energy? A naturally fat guy might store that weight, but as hardgainers, we may simply burn off those extra calories as extra body heat. Drinking calories doesn’t make us feel full in the same way as chewing our food. A conservative (aka slow, lean gains) starting point is to take your body weight and multiply it by 18. If you’re already tracking your calorie intake, even better—increase your daily calories by 250, which should get you gaining about half a pound per week. Don’t Just Gain Weight, Build Muscle Now that you’re eating more food than you need, and you keep it up, where does all this extra energy go? If you’re a see-your-rib-cage kind of skinny, you might not care if you gain fat. In fact, if you’re under 10% body fat, gaining some fat could even be healthy for you. But if your goal is to take up more space, look better, stand taller, and be stronger, you’ll still want to build mostly muscle with all that extra energy. Even if you’re starting out at 8% body fat, wouldn’t it be great if you gained twenty pounds of muscle before you hit a nice, healthy 10%? So how do you tell your body to take that extra energy and turn it into muscle instead of fat? The answer is by lifting weights and eating enough protein to support muscle growth. HEADS UP: It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t increase the amount of food you’re eating until after you start working out. If you start eating big before you start lifting weights, you’ll be gaining mostly fat until you start your lifting program. Skinny Guys Need To Lift Weights The simplest way of putting it is, lifting weights helps you build muscle because when you stress your muscles enough, your body thinks that it must need bigger muscles to better handle that kind of stress. To build new muscle, you’ll need more protein in your diet than someone who isn’t trying to build muscle. And the average guy under-eats protein anyway. So you probably need to eat more. Try eating three chicken breasts and tell me you’re still hungry. If you’re eating lots of food in general, and you will be, then all those little bits of extra protein will help you reach your goals. Make sure to get at least 1 gram of protein per pound body weight (2.2 grams per kilo). Why Do You Stay Skinny Despite Eating a Lot? ● you’re eating far less than you think It’s almost impossible to stay 120 or 140 lbs if you’re eating 3,000+ kcals. As a hard gainer, you may need more food than someone else your weight. However, if you are a small person who eats like a big person, there’s no way you won’t gain weight. Ready to gain weight and muscle?


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