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If You Like To Be Alone, It Says This About Your Personality

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Some people like being alone. Since you’re watching this video, you must be one of them.Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. In fact, loners like and seek their own company because it makes them feel most at peace and fulfilled.


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In a nutshell:

If You Like To Be Alone, It Says This About Your Personality Some people like being alone. In fact, loners like and seek their own company because it makes them feel most at peace and fulfilled. When you like being alone, it can be weird and confusing if you haven`t grasped the nature of loners. Rather, a loner like you has remarkably good personality characteristics.

Well, those are just two of the many things that say about your personality as a loner. One of the common stereotypes of loners is that they`re unyielding and close-minded. Since you spend a lot of your time alone, you process so many thoughts and things, which then leads to being open to new ideas and activities. Close-minded people only care about being right.

But when you like being alone, you`re a thinker who asks questions and welcomes any possibility. Humans who like being alone tend to be deep thinkers. This means you spend most times with your head in the clouds thinking about things that the majority of the population would not. In other words, you can tap into the deepest part of yourself and genuinely understand what makes you happy, what your needs and wants are, and what it means to be you.

And because you can focus more on things that truly interest you, being alone then becomes enjoyable like an activity that sparks positive feelings within you. There`s a huge chance that you`re an introvert if you like, or maybe even love, your alone time. Contrary to whatever misconceptions and stereotypes about introverts, they`re some of the best people in the world. But when you mean the world to them, trust introverts to make you feel supported, cared for, and loved.

Their energy and interactions are reserved only for such people. Also, like loners, introverts get most of their energy when in solitude. Are you like that too? 6. You love doing your own thing.

Remember what we said about you being open-minded? Well, because of this, you understand that being with other people always comes with an element of compromise. In other words, you can`t do the things that you like, say, go to your favorite cafe or watch your favorite series because you need to consider others. Do you also feel awkward, or maybe even annoyed when people talk to you about the weather or work? Does this sound like you? Small talk isn`t for loners or people who prefer being alone. You don`t understand the need for people to ask such questions and talk about such topics.

Moreover, you have better things to do with your time than engage in shallow, small talk. To be fair though, since you spend more time with yourself, your small talk skills aren`t that well-developed anyway so why put yourself in awkward situations, right? Furthermore, you like having meaningful conversations because it gives you insights into that person. You like being alone, which means you also practice strong and healthy boundaries. You have a deep understanding of yourself, allowing you to have clear ideas and values.


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